How many km of power reserve can an electric car charge in 5 minutes?

As we know, one of the biggest disadvantages of electric vehicles is slow charging compared to petrol/diesel cars. For 5 minutes at a gas station, you will fill in an additional 500-1000 km of power reserve, it all depends on your tank. How are things with this in modern electric trains?

Our Norwegian Automobile Association conducts tests twice a year (summer and winter) on the range and charging speed of electric vehicles. I wrote about the last power reserve test here. Well, here’s the data on the charging speed:

The cars with the 800-volt battery won (top three on the list). On specialized 800-volt chargers, they can charge very quickly. Here is an example of a charging schedule for a Porsche (light green for winter, dark green for summer):

At the same time, the fact that a Porsche charges quickly does not mean that this car will arrive faster: Porsche’s consumption is very high and it will have to stop more often to charge. If we look at the indicator of how many km of charge can be charged in a certain time, then the winner is completely different:

km of range in a given charging time

km of range in a given charging time

That is, on the Tesla Model Y, you will charge 131 km of additional power reserve in 5 minutes. Interestingly, some brands, such as Tesla, focus specifically on quickly adding km when the battery is empty. Tesla’s charging schedule just contributes to this:

As you can see, Tesla starts very strong, but as the battery fills up, the power drops off quickly. At the same time, for other brands, such as Mercedes, the charging schedule is just flat, that is, regardless of the battery charge, the charging speed is more or less the same:

It’s good when you have 60% of the battery and you stop to buy a can of forfeit, and recharge for one.

Well, one more comment on the test: the Chinese were very disappointed. They are all at the bottom of both the first and second tables.

Well, what do you think, can you stop every 200 km for 10 minutes to rest and stretch your legs?

Here is my post about one of the previous tests. By the way, in my posts on the Charging tag you can find a lot of interesting things about how electric cars are charged.

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