How much can an old Alfa Romeo 155 from ’95 be worth? over 750 thousand euros

Around on the car for sale sites you can find everything, but this Alfa Romeo 155 is something precious.

Alfa Romeo 155 (

Over the years, Alfa Romeo has produced many models that have gone down in history, but also some disgrace. This time, however, we came across an ad from one 155 V6, coming directly from the DTM.

We found it on autoscout24, e the price is mind-boggling, 749 thousand euros. However, we know that it is worth them all, since it derives from competitions, and for this it is worth more. In addition, the machines resulting from motorsport always have I don’t know what better, compared to those made on the street.

Like the other 155s, this Alfa Romeo also dates back to the years 90, When the myth of the snake has begun to sink, until reaching some thuds towards the end of the first decade of the 2000 thousand. Fortunately, it seems, now things are changing.

Accomplice of the failure, it was certainly the “displacement” of the mythical rear-wheel Drive, on the front axle of Italian cars, starting right from the Alfa 155.

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Alfa Romeo 155 DTM, features

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 DTM
Alfa Romeo 75 V6 DTM (autoscout24)

The Alfa Romeo 155 for sale on autoscout24 at 749 thousand euros is from 1995. This beautiful racing car has participated in many championships of motorsport and DTM, but the car is presented in good condition. But unfortunately, the 155 in question cannot be approved for the road.

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The engine, as mentioned above, is a V6 completely revised, which can release to the ground a power of 489 horsepower, a real beast thirsty for asphalt. Power is clearly a petrol, the transmission is automatic and the machine mounts the 4×4, that is a sophisticated four-wheel drive system.

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Passing on the outside, the color not the original Jagermeister, but Orange, and of course to stand out is the rear wing, together with the powerful discharges that appear to be one marmittone. The interior, as well, they are completely sporty, and the upholstery is in cloth.

In conclusion, the history of the Alfa Romeo 155 comes back to life also through these announcements. Sure, the price is high, but as said for a machine entered by right in the collective imagination of all of us, there is everything. And then, raise your hand who among us fans would not like to have in the garage such a beast.