how much does she know about herself?

    Shakira (Barranquilla, Colombia, 1977) could be the queen of outsized numbers. she has almost 76 million followers on Instagram and in his long career as a singer has sold 80 million records -something that, as we can see in this video, is very present-.

    But it does not stop there, as it has been awarded three Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammys and is one of the few female artists to have two videos exceed 2 billion views on YouTube. A record-breaking artist who began her career as a teenager, at 14 or 15, with ‘Magia’, on the cover of which she is barely recognizable. Of course, with him she won the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, a success that predicted her spectacular career.

    Shakira is the cover of the October issue of ELLE, in a report with text by the director of the magazine, Benedetta Poletti, and photos of his great friend Jaume de la Iguana. In it she appears fitter than ever, empowered, defending the power of women to do whatever we want; yes, trusting in ourselves and in our opportunities.

    At one point during production, Shakira sat in front of our cameras to undergo a fun challenge that will be recorded on video: How much does Shakira know about herself? That is, all these questions will make it very clear if Shakira is aware of the milestones of her career.

    In the video, we will be surprised to see, for example, how Shakira perfectly remembers what year she started dancing and how she did it (was it at home? On the street? With friends? At a school festival?) . She will also answer other questions Like how many albums he has sold all over the world, what ‘look’ he wore on his first cover with ELLE or what his first collaboration with a musician was.

    Will you remember everything? How much Shakira is known about her life? Hit play and find out!