How much is the Mi Vivienda Fund bonus and what are the requirements?

The MiVivienda Fund reported that it is projected to open around 20,000 mortgage loans for the acquisition of homes in 2022. Therefore, if your own home is in your future plans, know how to access the My Home Fund and what bonuses it offers.

But what is the “MiVivienda” Fund?

It is a fund registered with the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation that is supervised by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS), whose objective is to facilitate that Peruvian families with medium or low income can access a home.

Therefore, if you are looking for a mortgage loan, The “MiVivienda” Fund will help you finance the purchase of finished, under construction or project homes, whether they are new or second-use homes.

What are the requirements to access the “MiVivienda” fund?

  • Be of legal age, with or without family.
  • Not having their own home, neither their spouse nor their minor children, at the national level.
  • None of the applicants have acquired housing financed and / or guaranteed with resources from FMV SA, FONAVI, the Mortgage Fund for Housing Promotion, or within the Techo Propio Program, even when they no longer own it.
  • Be classified as a credit subject by a bank or other financial entity

In the Compare Well portal, you can review and compare the mortgage loan rates with the MiVivienda Fund plan (here).

How much is the “MiVivienda” Fund bonus?

The My Housing Bonus refers to the “Good Payer Bonus” (BBP) and the Good Payer Award as an incentive for the down payment. The amount of these bonds depends on the purpose of the mortgage loan:

  • To BUY your home the bonus is S / 37 625
  • To BUILD your home the bonus can be S / 25 800
  • To IMPROVE your home the bonus is S / 9 890
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How do I know if I qualify as a beneficiary of the “MiVivienda” Fund?

First, you must register your Family Group in any of the Authorized Offices and Centers of Fondo Mi Vivienda nationwide (see here) and, after that, they will provide you with an answer. If you need more information, call 0800 12 200.

You can also enter the Fondo Mi Vivienda portal to learn more details about the credits, benefits and other programs such as “Own Roof”.

On the other hand, José Carlos Forero, general manager of the Mivivienda Fund, pointed out that there is currently an offer of 60,000 eco-friendly homes, which generate energy and water savings, as well as 20,000 properties with Own Roof.

“As for prices, For Techo Propio, the maximum value of the home is 87,400 soles for a single-family home or a house, and for apartments it is 109,200 soles.. But, in the provinces we are going to find houses of different prices “, indicated the Forero for Andina.

If from knowing how to access a low-cost home through Techo Propio, you can visit the following link: