How much money has Canelo Álvarez made?

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Today, the Mexican Saúl Canelo Alvarez is among the richest athletes on the planet, his fortune is millions of dollars, maybe incalculable, because although data are known of the guaranteed bags that he receives for his fights, it would be necessary to add more zeros to the fortune, since he also receives income from bonuses of payments per event, advertising sales, sponsorships and even what is added to his coffers for personal business.

Canelo just last year appeared on the list of the 100 highest paid athletes of 2020 around the world, recording earnings of $ 37 million Of which 2 million sponsorships and 35 of salaries and rights bonuses of their fights are broken down, occupying the 30th place on the planet, that year the ranking was led by athletes such as the Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer and the footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Although it seems that the pandemic also affected the Mexican’s earnings, since a year before, In 2019, he had received $ 75 million, which was the year he earned the most since 2005 when he began his professional career.

On the other hand, Canelo receives income from his personal businesses. In an interview with the American journalist, Graham Besinger Canelo revealed that he has invested in real estate businesses that are profitable for him. “I have right now to retire, thank God for everything I have invested, every 3 months I have between 4 and 5 million dollars that I receive every 3 months so I have to retire right now and I have no problem “were the words of the Mexican in the interview. In that same report, Canelo announced the creation of his chain of gas stations that will bear the name” Canelo Energy “.

Sponsorships are another factor that makes Guadalajara also earn a lot of money. On some occasion the information was filtered that a contract signed with the “Tecate” beer that included using their image for a year in print advertising, TV commercials and putting on his fighting shorts the brand “Tecate”, Canelo received 1 million dollars, so we can imagine that any other brand that appears on their combat briefs pays roughly that amount or maybe more.

Finally, for the fight on November 6 against the American Caleb Plant, the Mexican is guaranteed a purse of 40 million dollars.