How much money will the Egyptian earn?


Liverpool has officially announced the long-awaited contract renewal of its star Mohamed Salah, a player who will become the team’s best paid player with an incredibly millionaire salary.

© 2020 Getty Images, Getty Images EuropeLiverpool FC v Manchester United – Premier League

The world of football was expectant before the situation that Mohamed Salah had been going through with Klopp’s Liverpool. In this way, before the already confirmed departure of Mané, All eyes were on the Egyptian striker and his more than likely departure as his contract expires in mid-2023.. However, the waters have calmed down and the stars will continue to be present in the English team.

In this context, and through their social networks, Liverpool has been able to confirm the renewal of the link between Salah and the Anfield club until mid-2025, a fact that causes calm and certain happiness in the German coach. Based on the above, the former Roma striker will become the highest paid player in the squad and will at least stay with the team in question until he is 33 years old.

In accordance with what has been said, it is more than necessary to mention that Salah comes from being without a doubt one of the best Liverpool players so far this season, having established himself as the top scorer in the Premier League that Manchester City won with a total of 23 goals plus the addition of having won the FA Cup, the English League Cup and having reached the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid.

From this, it should not be surprising at all the large amounts of money that Salah will receive annually, a fact that is based on the importance of this in the main Klopp team. Thus, and based on what was mentioned by the renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano on his Twitter account, Salah will earn a sum of 350 thousand pounds per week, a number that translates into 1.4 million per month and almost 17 million per year.

Clarified this scenario, Salah will become Liverpool’s “franchise” player and he will now integrate a new striker along with the most recent reinforcements of Colombian Díaz and Uruguayan center forward Darwin Núñez, an attacker who was recently bought from Benfica for 100 million euros.

Lastly, and as expected, Liverpool’s main objective will obviously become consecration in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, a tournament in which they will be able to compete without problems against the great replacement presented by the German coach after these recent additions .