How much would it cost you to advertise in the FC Barcelona shirt?

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It is well known that the FC Barcelona is immersed in economic crisis that has led them to be more cautious when signing players and make any kind of expense, but now have found a new avenue of income, well the sponsorships on your shirt they could heal the team situation.

Rakuten, main sponsor of FC Barcelona, and that had his name in the center of the shirt, will stop advertising with the team from next summer, so eThey are looking for a new investor and that it could be you… If you have a few million left over.

How much do you have to pay to sponsor Barcelona?

Eduard Romeu, economic vice president of Barcelona, ​​spoke with ‘Tv3’ and reported that they intend to earn a higher amount to what they perceived before the pandemic, since lowering its costs would not be possible to alleviate the debts of the team, so the bid will start at 55 million euros.

“We do not look at the current value, if not at the pre-pandemic. Whoever wants to wear the name on the shirt has to pay (the 55 DEM)“, commented the manager of the club.

From the Barcelona foresee that this puede be a great opportunity so that the club to stabilize economically again, because they will not have to make a significant expense or take risks with investments, but this business model ‘is going to pay for itself’.

if you know that worldwide the FC Barcelona shirt is one of the most sold, so they want to exploit this area and try to generate a 3 or 5 year contract that covers them in the long term, with the possibility of being older and being able to sign good players.

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So that it does not remain in the air, Eduard Romeu Similarly ad that he Barcelona has about 20 million euros for sign in january, so it seems the club will not have a bombshell unless something incredible happens.