How Music Influences Our Brain

Posted: November 23, 2021

If you are one of those who say, “I cannot live without music,” we are going to tell you why you shouldn’t leave behind that healthy habit of listening to music. Specifically, we are going to tell you how music influences our brain and what relationship does it have in our Cognitive abilities. Do not miss it!

Surely you already knew that music can affect our mood, but it can also improve pathologies such as anxiety O the pain, it can even have positive consequences in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer, the Parkinson or the Autism.

Benefits of music in our brain

  • The emotion: music increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with the sensation of relaxation. Therefore, it helps in pathologies such as anxiety and stress. Here we leave you a post on the relationship between sport and the brain, since sport also helps us to produce this type of neurotransmitter.
  • The memory: there are studies that confirm that there is a relationship between emotional memories and music. For that reason, sometimes when we listen to a specific song we remember a specific event in our life. Here we leave you a post about the best exercises to work memory with GRADIOR, our therapeutic tool for cognitive stimulation.
  • The learning: there are studies that show that music is essential for the cognitive, creative and psychological development of children. Music has been shown to stimulate left hemisphere of the brain who is in charge of learning language, numbers and problem solving. If you want to expand your information, we leave you this post about the parts of the brain.
  • Attention: attention is one of the cognitive functions basic, which, in addition, is benefited by music.
  • The dream: there is research that reveals that music can improve sleep, specifically they argue that people who listen to relaxing music before sleeping, they rest better.

Now that you know how music influences our brain… Don’t hesitate to introduce it into your daily routine!