How nutrition in the region should become more sustainable – Kreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald


The food in the region should be healthier, more regional, more environmentally friendly – for everyone. The Freiburg & Region Nutrition Council would like to achieve this goal in seven steps.

The topic of nutrition – and its relation to climate protection – is more topical than ever with the war in Ukraine and the corona pandemic. The Freiburg & Region Nutrition Council is therefore working on a nutrition strategy – with the aim of making sustainable nutrition possible for everyone. The strategy is coordinated by Drte Peters, Lena Becker and Wolfgang Hees. Scientists from all areas of the food system are also involved in the process, as well as interested citizens through workshops and other participatory processes. The strategy in seven points:
1. Increase appreciation of the agriculture and food industry
Farmers’ frustration with the low strawberry and asparagus prices in early summer speaks for itself. The food strategy is intended to help ensure that the regional agricultural and …