How sweet! That's what she calls Harry private

How sweet!  That's what she calls Harry private

Like in fairy tales! The agent and friend of Meghan Markle revealed new sweet stories about the fiancee and what a cute nickname the American actress thought out for her beloved Harry …

They are currently the most popular and most watched couple in Europe. Meghan Markle (36) and Prince Harry (33) will be in just under five weeks in the St. George ‘ Give Chapel in Windsor the word of wisdom. On May 19, they will walk in front of the wedding altar. Clarence House announced the engagement last November after the couple had been together for just over a year. Just because this relationship with 22 months is still relatively new, you compare them with Duchess Kate (36) and Prince William (35), who have been together for almost ten years before they got married, there are many things we do not know about the lovebirds yet.

All the details of Harry’s romantic request can be found in the video above.


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
The invitations are out! And that’s it

Prince Harry had recently announced it: The wedding preparations are in the hot phase! Now the Kensington Palace has announced that the coveted invitations have been sent.

“No chance he can resist her! ”

By and by, confidants and relatives tell more about the American and the relationship between her and Prince Harry. Now Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, agent and good friend of the expectant bride, told the British newspaper “Express” about the couple’s first date: “Meghan just said, I have a date tonight ‘ ! I saw how great she looked, and just thought, No chance he could resist her ‘ , ” Gina also revealed Meghan’s first impression of the British prince: “After the date, she told me what a great guy he was, a true gentleman and with a good heart. When I asked if she would look in again, she answered, Well, it looks like that! ”

According to Gina, the pretty actress ended her message to Harry a few days later with “Sending Love, XOXOXO, MM ” (XO means kisses and hugs) and quickly invented a sweet nickname for the prince: Haz.

Just recently, Meghan had her first official appointment with the British royal family. With one important detail she did not break the royal etiquette for the first time. See for yourself in the following video:

Meghan & Harry “We will change the world! ”

Only a few weeks after their first meeting, “Haz ” the beautiful Meghan on a trip to Botswana. Back then, Gina was sure that they would become a couple, “I’m convinced this Botswana trip was crucial to their relationship. ” Later, Meghan told her agent that the couple, who had just fallen in love, said to each other, “We will change the world! ”

How the spectacular wedding will unfold and what we can already look forward to, you will learn in this video:

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