How the Gloucester community was shaken to the core by the cold-blooded killings of Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby


It was like every other neighborhood on a spring holiday morning; peaceful and a bit cloudy for the season.

A series of newbuildings on the Dexter Way, which have withdrawn to the River Twyver; Occasional guests who are unfamiliar with their location are just a short walk from the city.

But the laid-back nature, which was to be a day of enjoyment in this corner of the Gloucester community, was soon shattered.

When the residents woke up on May 28, many realized for the first time that a tragic incident had taken place right on their doorstep.

At first there was confusion. Neighbors on the edge of the police heard the reason for the strong presence of the police surprised.

Laura Mortimer and her daughter Ella Dalby

Others had noticed in the early hours of the morning, at about 4:50 am, that officials were climbing onto a well-equipped two-person family house.

Inside, they discovered an unimaginable and disturbing scene. The corpses of mother and daughter, whom we met through the beautiful honors shared by everyone they knew, Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby, were found in the kitchen.

Laura had been happy hours ago, enjoying the company of a friend at the Glevum Inn, Longlevens.

Her daughter Ella was described in a similar way. a "happy and loving" child who loved dancing.

How they found their premature death by a man who was married to Laura left the backward people in a flood of emotions – and the church was devastated, angry and shocked.

Near the scene, when the police had determined, a group of children the same age of Ella played on their bicycles.

Fortunately, it is too young to realize the scale of the tragedy and the void.

Near the growing cards and flowers, Laura's father Richard told a South West News Service reporter he used to call her a nickname when she was younger.

"It has not quite hit me," he said.

"She was my little lollipop and now she's gone."

Laura Mortimer, pictured 2016

He continued, "Ella had just started at Barnwood Park School – she was just a pretty little girl.

"Laura was lovely, running her own business, a wedding planning business called Sweet Beginnings.


Community shock in double homicide: Timetable of how the case has developed

  1. 4.30 pm Monday, May 28: A police force at Gloucester's home

    The police set up a wide barrier on the Dexter Way and nearby Westgate Boating Lake – neighbors should stay in their homes and cars could not leave

  2. 10:30 am Police confirmed death of wife and child

    Police confirm that a 31-year-old woman and an 11-year-old girl were declared dead at the scene.

    A 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering the woman and the girl.

    The Cordons remained in the investigative sites for the remainder of the day while the investigation continued.

  3. Neighbors and community leaders are shocked by the news

    There is a shock of news as well as sadness for the two who have died. Kelly Fraser, who lives nearby, said, "We do not know her, but below it's a community.

    "There are always children who play. It just seems so sad. This is not a bad area. "

  4. 8 pm: Mother and daughter named Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby

    In the latest police statement, the police department says the cordon will remain in force for some time and that it has offered youth support through Winston's Wish.

    Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby are referred to locally as the deceased.

  5. Tuesday: Tributes flood

    Flowers and a bear are in front of the house where wedding planner Laura and Ella were found. Dozens of tributes follow.

    One was city council chairman Paul James, who said, "It's a shock when it happens in your own city, even more so when it comes to someone you know. And it is someone who is popular.

    "This is something that will affect many hundreds, if not thousands of people in the city."

    Laura is referred to by a colleague as "Inspiration".

  6. 13.00: Picture published by Barnwood student Ella

    The family published a school photo of Ella, a student at Barnwood Park

  7. Wednesday 9:00 am: The police gave extra time to question the alleged murderer

    The police were given a 30-hour term to continue interrogating the 28-year-old man who was arrested on suspicion of murder

  8. Honors go on

    A large number of flowers were visible at the scene

  9. 10 pm Christopher Boon charged with murder

    The police announce that they have indicted Christopher Boon, 28, of Dexter Way, Gloucester, with both murders.

    He was told that he would appear before Cheltenham Magistrates the next day.

  10. May 31: Boon appears in judges

    Chris Boon entered the dock dressed in a gray T-shirt, with a shaved head and stubble.

    He identified himself as an Englishman and made no request.

    The case was suspended in Bristol Crown Court the next day for a hearing on the bail.

  11. June 1: Accused murder is brought to court

    Boon arrives at the Bristol Crown Court, where a provisional date for 19 November is set as a possible court date.

    The next hearing took place on 13th July.

  12. July 13: Boon does not plead guilty

    The defendant, dressed in a white shirt and dark trousers, spoke only to the two murders to be "not guilty." His defense lawyer Eugene Hickey asked for several weeks to allow medical evidence.

    The court heard that the next hearing should be between October 26 and November 16. Boon was taken to the cells.

This work ethic for her family was admired by many, though she was experiencing relationship issues with her strange husband.

At the time of death, the former couple lived together for comfort, as Laura had told him to leave after an affair.

The young mother returned to the house after her night, went to bed and sometime after a call with her aunt at 1.18 am, Boon killed her and his stepdaughter.

After Julie Jackson and her daughter Katie Vallender, 15, just a few years older than Ella, heard the news, they came to a friend who was too upset.

People who do not know what to do drop flowers, balloons, and other tributes outside the house where Laura Mortimer and her daughter Ella Dalby were found

Julie remembered the warm conversations she had with Laura.

"I can not believe it," she said. "She was just lovely, I'm just so sad, Yesterday I was shocked.

"People can not believe that beautiful woman you see all the time, she's gone."

Laura's business was taken over by friends, and a Gloucestershire wedding photographer who did not want to be named told Sky News that he appreciated her.

"An inspiration for many people, not only personally, but also in the wedding industry," they said.

Ella Dalby, a picture published by her family

"She worked so hard to get where she belongs, and was extremely respected in Gloucestershire and beyond.

"I know that every bride and wedding supplier of Sweet Beginnings thinks about her and her family."

The connection between her and Ella, described as a vivacious student who made the people around her laugh and smile, was clear.

Laura's last social media post on May 24 saw a picture of her eleven-year-old husband. He said, "Say good evening, and she's here to put on make-up, such a princess."

Ella's principal, Sarah Tufnell, said the school's community at St Lawrence Road, Barnwood, Gloucester, was "incredibly shocked and deeply distressed" by the double murder.

The funeral of Ella Dalby (11) and Laura Mortimer (31) in the Cathedral of Gloucester

Other students were offered assistance to master the loss of the 7th grade student.

"The entire Barnwood Park school community is incredibly shocked and deeply saddened to hear the tragic news of the death of one of our 7th grade students, Ella Dalby, and her mother Laura," said Ms. Tufnell.

"Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with Ella's family and friends and we will do everything we can to support her and Ella's many friends at school over the coming weeks and months.

"Barnwood Park is a small and close school, and Ella was passionate about our school life and had a special passion for the dance.

"She recently helped with her contribution to our school culture day.

"She is deeply missed by all of us."

More than a thousand people came to Gloucester Cathedral in June to honor them both when they arrived in beautiful horse-drawn horses.

The funeral of Ella Dalby (11) and Laura Mortimer (31) in the Cathedral of Gloucester

Canon Celia Thomson told the crowded community, "true love can never be broken" and young Taylor, Ella's best friend and cousin, offered a perfect farewell party with a round of applause.

The youngster bravely told the mourners that Ella was her best friend and that Laura was a "second mother and role model" to her.

"I hope you both dance in the sky," she added.



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