How the L’Paille à sons festival in Chartres adapts to inflation

That’s it, tickets are on sale. Since this Wednesday morning, unconditional fans of the L’Paille à sons de Chartres festival can buy their tickets for the 9th edition of this landmark event of the Eurelian cultural season.

On the other hand, for the complete programming, it will be necessary to wait a little longer, Wednesday March 29, more precisely. No artist name has filtered yet. We just know the dates – June 9 and 10 – and the place – the Jacques-Couvret stadium – and that’s it.
For the record, last year, the headliners were the Wampas or Irène Drésel. And for 2023? Still a little patience…

L’Paille à sons is looking for 2,000 €, the Centre-Val de Loire very present at the César 2023… Here are the echoes of culture in Eure-et-Loir!

Because in a few months, the situation has changed. “We were confronted with several complex problems”, acknowledges Léo Brou. The vice-president of the Les Sons de sous-sols association recalls that “we also organized the first edition of the L’Paille à sonique festival, in Luisant, last February. A great success, but it was very demanding. On the other hand, like Chartrestivales, inflation poses a great challenge for us”.

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Before listing all the challenges to manage for this structure managed almost exclusively by volunteers.

“Organizational costs, artists’ fees… Everything goes up in flames, it’s a reality decried by everyone. We do what we can with what we have. »

Leo Brou (Vice-president of the association Les Sons du sous-sol)

In terms of entry prices, the adjustment is minimal. “We have opted for a simplification of the fee schedule. There is no longer any difference between pre-sales and buying on the spot. It will be €20 for one day, and €35 ​​for a two-day pass. The first price increases slightly, while the second decreases. It seems to us that it remains accessible”, deciphers Léo Brou. Indeed, we are far from the peaks reached by summer festivals…

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Remi Bonnet