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How the Queen wants to keep her family together


DAll day long, the court reporters stood in front of the royal country house in Sandringham, which on this stormy, murky Monday was more reminiscent of a castle. Once again, it was necessary to comment and classify developments that hardly anyone knew about. The "Sandringham Summit", like every summit, was held behind closed doors, and unlike conferences of a purely political nature, there was not even a press conference in sight.

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Above all, it is a family crisis that was discussed in Norfolk. Since Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have announced their intention to give up their role as "Senior Royals", there has been unrest in the royal family. It is reinforced by excited newspaper and television reports, which almost make you forget that the country is currently facing a political turning point. Brexit is only two weeks away, but there's only one topic on the front pages of the newspapers. "Harry in turmoil," it said on Monday in The Times. The newspaper "Metro" even called the gods: "Heaven, help!" Fortunately, there are prudent observers who remind you of the proportions of this affair. The royal family is not dealing with the abdication of a king, even though many are currently reminded of the scandal of 1936 when Edward VIII came down from the throne to live out his love for the American Wallis Simpson. Prince Harry is the sixth in line to the throne, and because three of the higher ranked children are, his chances of winning the throne can be considered low.

"Black British know why Meghan wants to get out"

Emotions run high, but when viewed soberly, the royal family has rarely been as stable in its long history as it is today. This was recently documented with an official photo. Thereupon one saw the 93 year old Queen and the three likely successors: her son Charles, his son William and his firstborn, the six year old George. Some believe that it was this picture document that brought Harry to the fore and fueled the decision to live independently. Tom Bradby, who is one of the few journalists to call Harry's "friend", put it this way: The palace had given the ducal couple of Sussex to understand "that there would be a slimming down of the royal family and that they are not really part of it" ,

So are the British not so much witness to an escape, but to an expulsion? This is of course denied at Buckingham Palace. There is no evidence that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are being "pushed out" or have even had a "feeling of unwelcome". "The future of the monarchy has always seen the Sussexes in their hearts," said a royal adviser to the "Times". Nonetheless, the assumption that the couple reacted primarily to unpleasantness is also made by others. "Black Britons know why Meghan wants to get out," wrote British columnist Afua Hirsch in an American newspaper: "It's racism."

Turn your back on the palace: Harry and Meghan

This is a steep thesis, especially when you consider the euphoria with which the British celebrated the couple's wedding. Even in the royal family, there is a thunderstorm: among the advisors at Buckingham Palace there is alleged concern that Meghan could call members of the Royal Family "racist and sexist" in a vengeance interview. Still others believe that Meghan's displeasure can be found elsewhere. As a member of the Royals, she hoped to be able to pursue her political preferences more effectively on the public stage – only to find that the new role tends to limit her scope. "She wants to get out," a court expert was quoted on Monday. "She thinks it doesn't work for me."

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