How they were captured Romanian hackers who have neutralized the surveillance cameras in Washington and have put on the jar the Secret Service


Mihai Alexandru Ișvanca, aged 25 years, and Eveline Cismaru, at the age of 28 years were detained on 15 December 2017, on the Henri Coanda Airport after what, four days before, were indicted by the american authorities. The two are accused in the US of conspiracy in view of committing electronic fraud and conspiracy to commit computer fraud and, if found guilty, face up to 20 years in prison.
Viruses “cerberus” and “dharma”
On January 12, 2017, the Secret Service has been notified that hundreds of surveillance cameras of the Department of the Metropolitan Police are out of operation. An investigation has been initiated as a result of which it has been established that in the period 9 January – 12 January computers connected to the cameras of surveillance have been affected by viruses, ransomware type “cerberus” and “dharma”.
Agencies have intervened quickly and together with the specialists of the technical department of the MPD has failed to remedy the situation. The system of rooms has been reinstated in service even before the investiture of Donald Trump. The investigation however continued especially that the two romanians had made ransom demands to unlock the system.
the Secret Service claims it has evidence that because of this cyber attack has been made endangered or threatened someone’s security. However, some sources say that in the four days in which the cameras have been disabled, an elderly woman was killed by gunfire in the street, and the police could not identify the suspect, because the nearest room was turned off.
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Anyway, the Secret Service investigation has progressed rapidly especially after what has come to the conclusion that they were infected with the viruses of type ransomware at least 179.000 of email addresses. American agents have collaborated in this case the FBI and officers from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Romania. At one point, in February, the two were arrested in London as suspect in this case, but investigators british have not found the evidence to be indicted. Name Evelinei Cismaru with all contacts appear in one purchase suspect made on the Amazon portal.
finally, based on this acquisition, after a few months of investigation he managed the implementation of the two charges.
the Court of Appeal required documents for the extradition
the Bucharest Court of Appeal on trial in the 16 December case of Mihai Alexandru Ișvanca and Evelinei Cismaru, paying term 11 January 2018 for hearing the application for extradition.
“the public prosecutor’s office to refer the request for extradition and the supporting documents, in the terms of art. 8 and art.12 of the extradition Treaty between Romania and the U. S. A., ratified by Romania by Law no. 111/2008. On the basis of art. 12 para. 1 of the Treaty of extradition between Romania and the U. S. A., ratified by Romania by Law no. 111/2008, the requesting state (the U. S. A.) to be informed, without delay, of the measures ordered by the present, through the Centre for International Police Cooperation and the Ministry of Justice – Directorate for International Cooperation of Romania. Has the issuing of the mandate of the provisional arrest in view of extradition,” reads the decision of the court.
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