How to apply for the Universal Guaranteed Pension with my RUT?

The Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) It is a monthly subsidy of up to $193,917, which pensioners in Chile can receive with the aim of improving their income.

How to apply for the Universal Guaranteed Pension?

To apply for the PGU you must enter HERE with your RUT. Once inside, click where it says “Universal Guaranteed Pension, Solidarity Pillar and Child Bonus”.

After this step, The platform will tell you if you meet the requirements to apply. If you meet them, enter your Unique Key and password, and press “Continue”.

Finally, complete the application form and click “submit”. As a result of the process, you will have applied for the PGU. You can check the status of the application on the same platform.

The process to request the Universal Guaranteed Pension It can also be done in person at:

  • Your respective AFP or insurance company.
  • Your municipality.
  • In ChileAtiende branches of the IPS.

What are the bonus requirements?

The requirements to be a beneficiary of the PGU are the following:

  • Be 65 years or older.
  • Not being part of a family group belonging to the richest 10% of the population aged 65 or over. This is analyzed internally once the application is submitted, for which a pension targeting score is determined, with background information from various institutions. It is important to note that the resulting score does not correspond to the same as the Social Registry of Households. In any case, people have to be previously registered in this registry, because some information is collected from there.
  • Have a base pension of less than $1,048,200.
  • Prove residence in Chile in these two cases:
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-A period of not less than 20 continuous or discontinuous years, since the applicant has reached 20 years of age.

-A period of not less than four years of residence in the last five years immediately prior to the date of submission of the application to qualify for the PGU benefit.