How to Apply to Become a BLT BBM Recipient of IDR 600,000

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The community can actually apply as recipients of social assistance (Bansos) direct cash assistance for fuel oil (BBM). For those who are interested, you can register through the Proposed Rejection program.

This program is a feature in the Check Bansos application which is intended if there are people who are entitled to assistance, but do not get it. This feature only applies to people who have downloaded, registered, and whose data has been verified.



For those of you who feel they are entitled to BLT BBM, you can apply as a beneficiary. If you feel that someone is not entitled to help, you can also use the Propose Rebuttal feature in the Check Bansos application.

How to Apply as a BLT BBM Recipient

In the Check Bansos application, you can register yourself, your family, residents or other poor people directly on the add proposal button. Here’s the complete way:

1. Feature Proposal

  • Download the Social Assistance Check application
  • Click the Proposal List menu button and click the Add Proposal button
  • You are required to fill out the form in accordance with the demographic data of the prospective beneficiary
  • Choose the type of social assistance whether it is BPNT or PKH
  • Upload 2 photos, namely KTP and the house in front

2. Disclaimer Features

This is the opposite of the proposal feature that allows people to register themselves or other people as BLT BBM recipients. This feature will judge whether someone around your area deserves help or not. Here’s the full way:

  • Open the Check Bansos application
  • Click the Feasibility Feedback menu
  • The front page will display data on BLT recipients around your place of residence
  • You can provide feedback by selecting the thumbs-down icon. The icon is to assess whether the beneficiary deserves assistance.
  • You can also provide feedback by selecting the thumbs up icon. This icon will judge someone as worthy of help.
  • Then fill in the reason why the person you are referring to is not eligible to receive BLT
  • Finally, click Submit Feedback
  • After submitting, the government will verify the data. If it has been verified, then the registrant is entitled to BLT BBM Rp. 600 thousand.

Once you are verified, you can immediately check the status of the assistance.

How to Check BBM BLT Social Assistance

  • Open the browser and go to the page
  • Enter the recipient area data consisting of provinces, districts/cities, sub-districts and villages
  • After that, enter the name of the beneficiary according to the ID card
  • Enter the Captcha code consisting of 8 digits letters
  • After the data entered is correct, click the Search Data button and click
  • If your name appears, then you are already registered as a beneficiary family in DTKS and are entitled to BLT BBM Rp 600 thousand

In addition to the features above, the public can also contact the Ministry of Social’s command center at 021-171.

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