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How to become a hero of the saga outside the cinemas

A small selection of the goodies that will be available at Galaxy's Edge – C.Vié

  • Disney and LucasFilm want to give a new dimension to the "Stars Wars" saga.
  • "Galaxy's Edge", a "Star Wars" themed area will open this spring in the Disney Parks of California and Florida.
  • "Vader Immortal", an immersive virtual reality experience will also be available soon.

The cinema is not enough. The universe Star Wars will be available at Disney theme parks this spring. May 31 at DisneyLand California and August 29 at DisneyWorld Florida will open Galaxy's Edge, a universe entirely devoted to the saga Star Wars.

AT Star Wars Celebration, convention that takes place in Chicago until Monday, the fans were able to have a glimpse of what will await them on the spot. On the occasion of a presentation conducted by the actor
Josh Gad, the latter confessed to having burst into tears by discovering a replica of the Millennium Falcon, the ship of Han Solo. That's what 20 minutes has retained this first visit while the "imagineers" (creators of Disney parks) work to finish on time.

Live Star Wars as a hero

"Our goal is to make every visitor a hero of the saga," says Scott Trowbridge. We wish that those who wish it can choose to walk in familiar scenery or to live a true adventure. Galaxy's Edge, a dilapidated city, does not appear in movies to be timeless and not match a specific episode.

We can fly the Falcon Millennium

In the attraction Rise of the Resistanceit will be possible to take control of the legendary ship. The pirate
 Hondo Ohnakan seen in the series
Clone Wars is one of the characters present on the spot. "The visitor will have to take the ship back to him after having undergone random events," says screenwriter Matt Marin.

We can eat like in Star Wars

Blue or green milk and extraterrestrial meat will be able to satisfy the most delicate palates. "We were inspired by the food described in the Star Wars trying to imagine the taste she could have, "says Scott Trowbrige. The boss of the canteen where we can eat is an old acquaintance: Rex the robot who drove the first version of the attraction Star Tours.

We can meet in known terrain

Scott Trowbridge has promised the return of Yoda, our favorite Jedi Master as well as appearances by characters such as Renn, Poe Dameron or BB-8. John Williams has also signed new music to give the ensemble an extra epic breath. It remains to be hoped that all these wonders will soon be available in France because all this is roughly tempting.

We can also play "Star Wars" at home …

LucasFilm and Oculus have developed an amazing virtual reality experience of which Darth Vader is the formidable hero. We could test an extract of this Vader Immortal described by its creators as a "mix between an immersive story and a video game." Helmet on the head and controls by hand, the player meets the Sith Lord and exercises in the lightsaber. The universe of Star Wars has not finished surprising.


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