How to become a singer? – Allcasting

Do all your relatives think you have a beautiful voice? You want to desert the karaokes to find yourself at the top of the bill?

So don’t stop there, and start in music, whatever your age.

Allcasting gives you all the advice to take your first steps in the profession of song.

Choose your style

The music offers a great diversity of styles.

You can orient yourself towards different repertoires, such as lyrical song, traditional song, rap or variety. The latter in particular brings together a lot of musical genres.

If you are a variety singer, you can either be a songwriter or entrust the writing mission to others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rapper, rocker or opera soloist, the important thing is to work on your voice.
Remember that if you put your heart into it, anything is possible!

Progress technically

Be ready to work on breathing techniques, relaxation, the pose of your voice, the control of your breath, the articulation…

The voice is a natural but fragile instrument. It does not work like any other musical instrument, because it continues to evolve. Be careful if you smoke! You have to take care of your vocal cords, which don’t like tobacco very much, nor excess alcohol for that matter…

Once you have your attack vocal chords, you will need to learn how to hear your voice when you sing and know how to tune it in relation to other instruments or singers.

You have to find your voice, measure it, and master it. You must be aware of the possibilities it brings. All the technical aspect must become automatic. Afterwards, you can work on the artistic interpretation at your leisure.

It is not enough to have a beautiful voice to become a professional singer. All this is managed over time.

Remember that you will only be rewarded if you have the courage to be original. Talent is not enough: Above all, do not try to imitate Celine Dion.

You can also work on certain assets in addition to vocal technique and interpretation lessons: a good knowledge of repertoires, a good level in foreign languages, a good capacity for musical analysis, piano practice, stage work, etc.

Surround yourself well…

No singer can do without a teacher who supports him and allows him to evolve.

Sing as much as possible

You can start from childhood, in choirs for example. These are a great way to learn “on the job” in addition to the help of your voice teacher.

Otherwise, be a chorister, take part in singing competitions, television shows like The Voice, La Star Academy or sign up for radio hooks… All these activities will allow you to be judged by professionals. You will also be able to confront a real audience.

In addition, during singing competitions, the first prize can be financial aid, or even the recording of a CD, which can directly propel your career.
It’s all good to get you noticed!

Believe in your talent!

The job requires perseverance, but also great patience. You are not alone in sending recordings of your works to record labels. So don’t lose hope.

To integrate the musical world in the best conditions, you need a team with whom you get on well artistically and humanly speaking. If you are not a songwriter, you must surround yourself well. And above all, always send your personal songs to the record companies.

Your lucky star will be of great help to you. Engage in a singing lesson, even a modest one: force your luck!

There are no strict conditions defined to practice the profession. Luck counts for a lot.
The secret to career success is simple: hard work, practice and perseverance.

Here are the skills needed to succeed in this job:
– A good technical mastery of your voice
– Interpretation skills
– Good knowledge of music

Associated skills:
– Mastery of artistic fields complementary to singing: dance, drama…
– Enhancement of certain assets: mastery of a foreign language for example

So, ready to get started?

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