How to boost the profitability of personalized training


Wiesmpro’s free webinar will be held on July 7 and will feature the participation of Chano Jiménez, who will address the keys to making personal training profitable, as well as the explanation of a success story.

(4-7-2022). How can you increase the profitability of personalized training? Wiemspro, hand in hand with the consultant Chano Jiménez, will give some keys for this in the free webinar that will be held this Thursday, July 7, at 4:00 p.m., Spanish time.

Personalized training is one of the trends that has gained the most strength in recent years, and that has been reinforced with the outbreak of the pandemic.

With the aim of getting more out of this type of service and benefits, Wiemspro organizes next July 7 at 4:00 p.m., Spanish time, the free webinar ‘The new promoters of personalized training’.

The webinar is aimed at executives and managers of fitness-related businesses, personal trainers, marketing and sales managers of fitness businesses, sports clubs, sports and wellness partners, entrepreneurs in the fitness sector and students and applicants for the aforementioned positions.

The objective of this free training is to address the new aspects with the greatest impact on the profitability of personalized training businesses.

webinar program

For this reason, the webinar will be structured in two blocks, which will seek to give a global vision of the subject in question.

The main presentation will be directed by the consultant Chano Jiménez, who will address issues related to:

  • Differentiation strategies, methodology and associated branding that can be incorporated into fitness businesses.
  • Effective and profitable settings for personal training.
  • Integration of new technologies in training, such as electrostimulation systems.
  • Value setting and price management.
  • High segmentation marketing and acquisition funnels.

Chano Jiménez, is a well-known sports consultant and specialist in digital marketing for gyms. In his professional work, he has advised and contributed to exponentially improving the operating accounts of numerous service providers and fitness products, from wellness clubs to gym chains throughout Spain and part of South America. He has a doctorate in Economics, a postgraduate degree in Neuromarketing, a Master’s in Sports Management, a Master’s in General Business Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

real experiences

The second part of the webinar will be devoted to the presentation of a real testimonial from the personal trainer and CEO Luis Hormigo, who works with a business model focused on new technologies that drive fitness businesses such as full body electrostimulation (WB-EMS) in the personal training.

In this section, Luis Hormigo will tell about his personal experience with Wiemspro and the benefits he has perceived in his business by including the wireless electro-stimulation system in his personal training.

Benefits of incorporating the Wiemspro system

Electrostimulation has been used in different sectors (such as physiotherapy or aesthetics) for many years due to its numerous benefits, not only aesthetic, but also for the health and well-being of people.

Elite athletes such as Dani Carvajal, Blanca Machón or Fátima Gálvez began using this technology to improve sports performance, and its use and consumption for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and electrotherapy sessions have been normalized.

Benefits of electrostimulation

Training with electrostimulation can offer numerous benefits for clients of fitness centers; It also helps them achieve quick and visible goals that, through conventional training, would not be possible.

For this, it is important to know what training with electrostimulation really consists of. Electrostimulation enhances the results of training thanks to electrical impulses. Electrical impulses are generated from devices and transmitted through electrodes located on the muscles to be stimulated. These impulses penetrate deeper muscle fibers, causing the muscle to contract voluntarily.

To this end, Wiemspro has been developing and perfecting this training methodology since 2014 with its electrostimulation suits for personal or shared use, designed to offer results and comfort to your clients. Thus, customers will be able to: Eliminate localized fat, strengthen the abdomen, tone buttocks, fight back pain, treat injuries, eliminate cellulite or help post-partum recovery and strengthen the pelvic floor, among other areas.