how to buy a good smartphone under 12 thousand

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Every model works great.

The phone will break soon and you need a new one or just want to pamper yourself with technology? It is not necessary to spend large amounts on a smartphone. There are good models costing up to 12 thousand, fully performing their functions.

Realme C33 4/64 GB – this brand managed to establish itself in the budget segment and at one time ousted Xiaomi from there. Great selection and good value for money. A capacious battery that will last a long time, a solid camera, and it is quite light. In Citylink, for example, it costs 10 thousand rubles.

Realme C15 4/64 GB, the “younger” brother of the C33 model. It is also distinguished by balanced characteristics and a pleasant price. The camera and screen are worse, but the battery is stronger – it will “live” longer than the previous model. In “Know-how” costs 12 thousand rubles.

Honor X6 4/64 GB in DNS costs 11 thousand rubles. And it seems like the best choice. Good camera, battery lasts a long time. Separately note the strength of the body and glass. Well suited for mothers with restless children, according to the Quality Mark portal.

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