How to buy fruits and vegetables cheaper?

In one year, the price of fruits and vegetables has soared. To continue eating – at least five a day – here are some tips.

“This is unheard of” is alarmed by the consumer association Rural Families. Between June 2019 and June 2020, the price of fruits and vegetables exploded because of the additional costs generated by the pandemic but also the bad weather in spring. Result: + 12% for the tomato, + 16% for the eggplant, + 24% for the pear and up to 26% increase for the nectarine. Faced with this surge in prices, Yahoo is giving you some tips to lower the bill.

Choose “ugly” fruits and vegetables

A misshapen carrot, a potato that is too small, a dented pear… Don’t be fooled by the visual aspect, ugly or faded fruits and vegetables have several advantages. They reduce food waste, have the same nutritional properties as calibrated products and are around 30% cheaper than the same “perfect” fruits and vegetables.

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Want to take the plunge? Find out more about you. Several grocery stores are following the anti-waste trend and are opening their doors in France. Some schools provide customers with baskets of tired fruits and vegetables at bargain prices.

Adopt the short circuit

The less intermediary there is between the producer and the consumer, the lower the price will be. By favoring proximity such as the markets of small local producers, you will limit the mandatory additional costs (transport, storage, distribution, margins). Many initiatives exist in this direction such as AMAP (associations for the maintenance of peasant agriculture) but also the platform La Ruche qui dit Oui where you can buy directly from producers. When possible, do it. Your wallet will thank you.

Grow your vegetable garden

No need to have a 300m² garden to grow your fruits and vegetables. Even a simple balcony can suffice. By optimizing your production as much as possible and making wise choices, it is largely possible to build up a small reserve without too much effort. Among the easiest fruits and vegetables to grow are strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and, more surprisingly, eggplants.

Buy raw products

If possible, avoid putting processed fruits and vegetables in your shopping cart. Pineapple and apples cut into slices, already grated carrots, washed salad … So many services for those in a hurry who are paid at the cash desk. When you have the time, always favor raw fruits and vegetables to work them yourself once at home.

Another way to save some money is to use the product 100%. Any good cook will tell you: in the kitchen, nothing loses, everything is transformed. Don’t know what to do with your carrot tops? Make a really good pesto.

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