how to bypass future microsoft account requirement in pro edition

Microsoft has repeatedly tightened its account creation policy when installing Windows 11, to the point that even the Professional edition will soon require a Microsoft account. However, there are several ways to circumvent this obligation. We offer two effective ones.

Installing Windows has a long history of setting up a local account. All you have to do is indicate during the initial configuration (OOBE in the jargon, for “Out Of the Box Experience”) that you do not have a Microsoft account (MSA). We can then create a “good old” local account, without synchronization of any kind.

This situation is set to change. During the release of preview 22616 in early May, Microsoft confirmed an important change, announced a little earlier: Previously, we shared new requirements for internet and Microsoft accounts on the Pro edition of Windows 11. Today, Insiders on Windows 11 Pro need an MSA and an internet connection during initial setup to personal use. If you choose to set up the device for work or school, there is no change “, indicated the publisher in a blog post.

This change is not yet reflected on the stable branch. Since it is found on both the Dev and Beta channels, however, there is a good chance that the next evolution of the system, which will be released this fall, will have it on board.

We offer two methods to circumvent this blocking, both functional on the current beta. One is radical, the other more original.

A simple command during configuration