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How to change phone number in WhatsApp to migrate your information to a new number




Updated:01/29/2020 02: 07h


WhatsApp, instant messaging application, has enabled an interesting function to improve the experience in data recovery when users decide to change phone numbers. This new option is present in the latest update of the digital service.

To do this, you have to go to the “Settings” section found in the toolbar located on the bottom of the user interface. Then, you have to go to «Account» from where, among other things, the service allows you to manage the privacy of your data. But this time what we must do is opt for a new option called «Change number».

This interesting feature is designed to migrate your account information, groups and setting your current number to a new mobile phone number you are associated with. Something that can happen regularly. WhatsApp warns, however, that you cannot undo this change, so you have to think about it very well before starting the process.

To proceed, the user must confirm that his new mobile number can receive text messages (SMS) or calls. Then, if you click on «Next» another page will open from which the new number can be verified. It is necessary to add, for security reasons, the old telephone number to cancel it and to be able to recover the data. After completing it, you just have to keep an eye on how everything is happening just as you have it on your mobile at the moment.



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