How to Check 2022 PIP Recipients at for elementary-high school children


Dana PIP (Smart Indonesia Program) 2022 as of April has been re-distributed. The Education Financing Service Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia through its official Instagram account said that this month is the distribution for students from the second phase of the DTKS (Social Welfare Integrated Data) and Dapodik matches.

In total there were 2,413,713 students who received it. The distribution consists of students from SD/SDLB/package A, SMP/SMPLB/package B, SMA/SMALB/package C, and SMK.

This assistance for students and students from poor and vulnerable families is provided through the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP). To check this disbursement, students can do it independently. Check out some of the steps.

How to Check Kemendikbud’s PIP Recipients

  • 1. Open the site
  • 2. On the Home menu PIP Kemdikbud, you will see the Find PIP Receiver facility when you move the cursor down.
  • 3. Enter your NISN, date of birth, and the name of your biological mother.
  • 4. Click Search

After the four steps above are done, the name of the PIP recipient student will immediately appear. If not, then the person concerned has not received the assistance.

Quoting from the official website, if students have not received the KIP, then you can register yourself at the nearest educational institution. It is enough to bring a Prosperous Family Card (KKS) belonging to your parents. However, if you don’t have a KKS, parents can request a certificate of incapacity (SKTM) from the RT or RW as well as the kelurahan or village so that the registration requirements can be completed.

This PIP fund is a government policy to help with personal education costs, for example buying school supplies and courses, supporting pocket money and transportation costs, as well as additional practice fees or competency fees.

This is how to check the recipient PIP Ministry of Education and Culture. Don’t wait until later, okay?

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