How to Check Battery Health on Xiaomi HP – Battery health is one of the factors that need to be considered by smartphone owners. Because, the use of smartphones that are careless and in the long term can reduce battery performance.

If the battery performance or battery health decreases, the battery can run out quickly, or the maximum power stored is not like it was when it was new.

Especially for Xiaomi cellphone users, they can find out whether their cellphone battery is still in prime condition or not. How to check Xiaomi battery health, is it still healthy or not?

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How to check this Xiaomi battery health can be done by relying on the bug reports provided by the MIUI system.

KompasTekno using a Xiaomi Mi 10 device with MIUI version 12.5.3. Here’s how to check battery health on a Xiaomi cellphone, as compiled: KompasTekno from GizchinaFriday (17/6/2022).

How to check Xiaomi battery health

  • Buka menu Settings > About Phone > All specs.
  • Press the text “CPU” five times.
  • Press the “Agree” button on the notification window that appears. Rizky Pratama How to access the settings menu on a Xiaomi cellphone.
  • The MIUI system will automatically generate a bug report. This process may take several minutes.
  • After the process is complete, immediately open the bug report that has been created.
  • Find the bug report file. This file is marked with the name “bugreport-” and is followed by the date when the bug was created. For example, the bug report file name:
  • Open the file and press another zip format file with the name “bugreport-umi_id”. For example, the file name: Rizky Pratama How to check battery health on a Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Press Extract here and open it with the format “bugreport-umi_id.txt”. Example of the file name in question:
  • In the file, search for the keyword “healthd” in the search field.
  • Then look for the text “fc”. Fc is an indicator that shows how much Xiaomi’s current cellphone battery capacity is. Rizky Pratama How to check the health of the Xiaomi cellphone battery without a PC.

Determining the condition of the Xiaomi cellphone battery

KompasTekno found that the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 10 being used is 3384000. This means that the battery capacity of the cellphone is 3,384 mAh.

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To find out or determine the current state of the battery, you need to use the following formula:

  • (Current battery capacity/overall battery capacity) x 100

For example, the current Xiaomi Mi 10 battery capacity is 3,384 mAh. While the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 10 in new condition is 4,780 mAh. So therefore:

  • 3.384 mAh / 4.780 mAh x 100

So, the condition of the Xiaomi Mi 10 battery belongs to KompasTekno was at 70 percent condition.

This condition is classified as low. If a cellphone with a battery capacity is below 80 percent, it is highly recommended to replace it immediately so that the cellphone’s performance remains optimal.

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