How to Check PKH Phase 4 2022 Online Using an ID card and cellphone, by logging in to

PR DEPOK – Check out how to check PKH stage 4 2022 online use an ID card and cellphone, by logging in to

Phase 4 of PKH disbursement will begin on October 1, 2022 from the Ministry of Social Affairs to recipients, worth up to IDR 750,000 per three months.

To be able to disburse the Ministry of Social assistance funds, the recipient must register the proposal at DTKS and check for stage 4 PKH recipients using an ID card and cellphone, as well as login to

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As quoted by from the website, the following is a complete explanation of how to check for PKH recipients for Phase 4 2022 of the Ministry of Social Affairs:

1. Login to to check for PKH Phase 4 which will be liquidated again in October 2022.

2. Fill in the column with the complete address information up to the name of the PKH stage 4 2022 recipient correctly on the official link form of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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3. Fill in the name of the province according to the domicile address of the PKH stage 4 recipient KTP correctly.