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How to check who took a screenshot of your Snapchat story

by archyw

While Snapchat Stories disappear, other users can always take a screenshot of someone else’s Story. Here’s how to check for screenshots.

Snapchat users can easily verify who viewed or took a screenshot of a story through in-app settings. Overall, Snapchat is designed to be a secure and privacy-focused service and this can be seen in many of the features such as the way Snaps and Stories disappear after a certain period of time. However, if another user takes a screenshot of any or all of the Snaps within a Story, they may end up lasting much longer than the original poster expected.

The Snapchat app has been expanding over time and now includes many popular features, and Stories is one of them. While a user can create a Snap, a Story gathers a collection of the user’s Snaps and plays them in the order they were created. Basically, they are a visible timeline of a user’s Snaps. Other users can see someone’s story as many times as they want, but they are automatically deleted …

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