How to choose the perfect heel so that we will never go barefoot with our shoes in hand again

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It has happened to many of us that, after buying some beautiful high heels, when we decided to put them on for the first time in the end we ended up going barefoot down the street with them in hand. From that moment on they are relegated to the category of “precious shoes that I can only wear if I am going to be sitting almost all the time. “

When this often happens to us, we immediately think that this type of footwear is not for us and we give up even if we like its aesthetics a lot, but What if the problem is not us, but rather that we have not chosen the type of heel well?

No, we are not talking about removing the stilettos and replacing them with wedges, but about strategically choose the heel to be able to wear it much longer and say goodbye to carrying the “emergency dancers” inside your bag thanks to this little guide.

The importance of the base

We already know that any platform shoe is going to be much more comfortable than those that do not have it since they take away enough centimeters of inclination, so the weight is more distributed throughout the foot. However, there is another trick that we may not have known about.

The tip orientation it is very important to determine if the shoe is going to be more comfortable or not. The further up the toe is looking, the more weight we are going to load on the metatarsals, while if the tip is as flat as possible, it will be much more comfortable and less painful.

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Heel angle

The straighter the heel, the more inclination we will have in the heel and, therefore, they will be more uncomfortable. It is best to opt for some shoes with a heel in the style of Louis Vuitton, that is, they have a slight tilt outward, creating a small platform above, so that the heel goes more straight.

Size doesn’t matter, thickness matters

It does not matter whether the heel is longer or shorter, because if it is extremely thin —like the well-known stiletto heel— more weight we will load on the front of the foot and more force we will need to maintain stability. On the other hand, the wider the heel, the more stability we will have and the more comfortable it will make us walk.

Support is key

If the shoe It is tied to the ankle or has a good buttress, it will be more comfortable since the foot is more subject and it will give us more firmness when walking, while if it is a sandal type, with the heel without support, it will cost us more to maintain our balance.



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