How to copy the access control card on iPhone?Teach you to avoid cracking NFC can also be used in Taiwan – Mr. Crazy

I believe many people are very curious about how to put the access card into the iPhone? So far, the iPhone NFC function has not been fully opened, unless it is jailbroken, it is possible to use the iPhone to copy the access control card function. At most, it can only be achieved with the Home Key door lock and or with the transportation card Apple Pay. Now the building will use the access control card system. This article will share the tricks of using iPhone as an access control device without jailbreaking.

What are the iPhone access control card solutions?

Method 1. Use a transit card to join Apple Pay

At present, you can use the “Beijing All-in-One Card” transportation card to directly deposit into Apple Pay, but you need a deposit of 20 yuan and a minimum recharge of 5 yuan (each card is about NT$100), and you need to write the access control system into this Beijing All-in-one card UID number, you can turn your iPhone into an access control card, and you can use the iPhone NFC function to sense the access control.

If it is to be used in the building access control system, you need the community management center or the guard room willing to help you add the UID number of the “Beijing All-in-One Card”.

Can I use the card and EasyCard? no! Because Taiwan EasyCard and All-in-One Card still cannot support Apple Pay, so there is no way to use this method.

Join Apple Pay with a transit card

Method 2. Purchase a door lock that supports Home Key or fingerprint door lock

If you want to realize the iPhone access control function at home, there are also products on the market that support Home Key door locks. For example, Aqara a100 Pro can directly use the iPhone as an access control card, and you can immediately open the door by leaning on it. At present, Mr. Crazy uses the Home Key solution to solve the problem. The door lock at home can reduce the need to bring an extra sensor button or key when going out, and also avoid loss.

Purchase a door lock that supports Home Key or fingerprint door lock

Of course, if the access control system at home can directly write the UID number of the “Beijing One Card”, it is also possible to use the iPhone as an access control card function to unlock the door directly.

For the door of home access control, it is more convenient to buy a fingerprint lock directly. After all, most people are used to touching the doorknob. When they touch it, they can trigger the fingerprint lock and open the door directly.

Method 3. Copy access card NFC

Usually, most of the iPhone access control cards will face the community management center or the guard room who do not agree with the residents to add other card numbers without permission. If you want to solve the problem of the iPhone NFC access control card in the Taiwan building management system, you can copy the access control card through the following methods, and you can integrate the iPhone access control Card function, whether it is the latest iOS 15 or iOS 16 version can be used.

Best Solution Alternatives to iPhone Copy Access Card

The following will teach you how to copy the existing IC or ID access control card/proximity button at hand, and how to integrate it into the iPhone.

1. Identify the type of access control card

First of all, you must first determine the type of access control card. Currently, there are two common access control cards: “IC card” and “ID card”, which can be identified directly through the shortcut function of the iPhone access control card. The operation methods are as follows:

Open the automation page of the “Shortcut App” and select “Create Personal Automation”.

Identify and confirm the card type

After clicking “NFC”, you can press “NFC tag”.

Distinguish confirmation card type 1

The iPhone screen will pop up and scan the NFC tag. As long as the access control card is close to the top of the iPhone, a tick will appear, which means the IC card is in hand. If there is no response, it is the ID card.

Distinguish confirmation card type 2

2. NFC access control card copy device

After confirming the type of access control card, copy and crack the IC or ID card and write it to another group of cards, which can be processed by the NFC access control dual-frequency reader/writer.
NFC access control card copy and copy equipment

Usually IC cards have security mechanisms for key authentication, reading and writing, but usually more powerful readers can decode directly after reading, and can be copied to another blank IC card.

NFC access control card copy and copy equipment 1

3. Write data with CUID+ID dual frequency card

To integrate the access control card function into the iPhone, you can use the “CUID (IC) + ID” access control sticker, which can be repeatedly written into the original physical access control without taking up space, and it can be directly attached to the back of the iPhone, which is very convenient.

If the original access control only needs an IC card, you can choose the IC CUID type. You don’t need to buy a “CUID (IC) + ID” access control sticker. You need to use a dual-band card unless you need to write an ID card at the same time.

Write data with CUID+ID dual frequency card

When you have a blank IC access control card NFC sticker, you can use the NFC access control card duplicator to read and decode the original access control data, and then write it into the blank NFC sticker.

Write data with CUID+ID dual frequency card 1

4. Access card integration with iPhone

Finally, take the IC+ID dual-frequency sticker that has just been made to the sensor to test whether it can be sensed normally. If there is no problem, you can directly paste the sticker on the back of the iPhone. It is recommended that the position should be close to the lower block. There will be a MagSafe magnetic coil at the marked position, and the top is not suitable to conflict with the original built-in NFC chip.

Access card integration with iPhone

If you have an iPhone protective case, you can also clip it to the protective case or stick it on the outside of the protective case to avoid glue residue on the glass back cover.

Access card integration iPhone1

As for some people worry that if it is hidden in the iPhone protective case, will it cause poor sensing effect?

In fact, I tested and found that this is different from IC+ID dual-band stickers. Some stickers are of super bad quality. Even if they are attached to the outside of the iPhone, they will not be able to sense. On the contrary, some IC+ID dual-frequency stickers are very sensitive.

As long as the iPhone protective case is not too thick, it can basically be sensed. Currently, casetify, Rhino Shield, hoda, and Apple’s original protective case can be used.

Access card integration iPhone2

iPhone integrated access control card test video

Finally, you can integrate the access control card through the bottom iPhone to demonstrate the induction speed of clipping the NFC mobile phone sticker in the mobile phone case.

Feature Summary

The above is the integration method of iPhone access control card, which is also the fastest at present. Subsequent changes to mobile phones can also continue to use the access control lock function. This method can solve the problem of forgetting the key every time you go out. Now you can sense the access control system as long as you remember to take your iPhone. Whether it is the entrance or exit of the gate or the basic induction of the elevator, there is no problem. The speed of use is exactly the same as that of the original physical card. If you have any relevant questions, please feel free to ask.