How to design an event for the fans?

If only for their loyalty, fans deserve a special event for them. Even if they don’t show up in the segmentation of your targets, they are just as important. They are those who have followed the brand for a long time and who know it better than others.

Now, fans are a priority for marketers, hence the importance of devoting an event to them. They are so passionate that it is much easier to satisfy them, compared to journalists or potential clients. They are also more likely to share the experience with others. However, it is important to do it right. Negative comments from them could be difficult to deal with.

Pay attention to the content

First of all, remember that the fans who will attend the event are true connoisseurs of the subject. They have followed the brand for years, witnessing its best achievements and its worst failures. As a planner, you must at all costs respect their knowledge as well as their passion. Keep in mind that they know everything.

Unlike ordinary audiences, fans attend an event to deepen their experience on the subject. This means that your content must go beyond the commercial aspect. It is no longer enough to get targets to buy a product. What you come up with must be worth it for that special audience and worthy of their time. Set up an event that you yourself want to participate in.

Be authentic in all circumstances. When you aim to keep fans happy during an event, every detail counts. The point is, if there is one aspect that is wrong, they will certainly see it. So design your project so that it is in line with how fans perceive your brand.

In addition to being meticulous in content, be thorough in all your promotion strategies. To get there, answer the question: what are our fans looking for? What are they waiting for? This will allow you to design a personalized message. This is the most effective way to ensure positive feedback from them. It’s entirely possible that only the fans who will be attending your event will understand the message. This is absolutely not a problem since they are your main target.

unique experience for fans

Create the event with your fans

The best way to keep your fans happy during an event is to make their dreams come true. Since they know your products, they have a precise vision of their evolution as well as the relationship they want to maintain with your brand. Of course, the planner or marketing manager is used to decide what they think is the best experience for the audience. This time it’s time to change the habits.

Sometimes you think you are offering a exclusive content, but fans won’t necessarily see it that way. Use social media and other communication channels to find out what they want to experience.

Also know that fans represent a real promotional opportunity for your event. Ask yourself the question: what will they share after the event? Once you have the answers, you will also have the elements to include in your concept. Help them share your message, talk about you.

Be careful though, sharing goes both ways. You should always maintain a good relationship with your fans, even outside of the event. Their influence is good for the brand, but the opposite is also valid. It is even catastrophic. This special audience has the power to inform a lot of people, make sure it tends to be positive for you. This is your responsibility to make sure everything goes well, that the fans get what they came for.

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