How to effectively secure your smartphone?


Breaking, losing or being robbed can turn into a nightmare as these technological jewels are expensive now. And that's no coincidence if the mobile insurance market explodes. Offers against breakage, theft, loss, oxidation … are plethoric. We even find blankets "all risks". But the service, it is not always at the rendezvous if you believe the forums. The best is to start by turning to your usual insurer. Your contracts may already include mobile insurance. Otherwise, there is an embarrassment of choice. Details.

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The manufacturers. Some like Samsung offer insurance on their website. The Korean thus displays a contract against the breakage at € 6 months and against "breakage + theft" at € 9 months. Accessible insurance also if you rent the mobile. Convenient.

Some operators have started to offer this service that has become unavoidable. These are often the least competitive. At Orange: for € 9.90 per month the claims are capped at € 400 and must be committed at least 12 months. Ditto at Chubb, the insurer of SFR who asks from € 2.99 to € 16.99 per month depending on the value of the mobile.

Affinitarians. SFAM (French Society of P & C Insurance), which claims six million customers, is the leader of these insurance focused on leisure. The UFC-Que Choisir has filed a complaint against its commercial practices but Fnac and many other brands still offer its "all-cause insurance" including that to € 8.90 per month, limited to one mobile replacement per year (500 € maximum).

The classic insurers. They do not neglect this market. At Axa, we find a package at € 90.90 per year that covers breakage and "theft characterized" (aggression, break-in, clandestine introduction …). The insurer warns: it does not cover claims "resulting from negligence or mere clumsiness".

Large distribution. Carrefour offers "all-guarantees". Dedicated to "all mobile devices of the house", the contract provides a waiting period of 31 days for devices already held at the signing of the contract. No prior declaration to be made. Claims are covered up to 1500 € per year in all.

The repackaging sites. They only offer "warranty extensions" when buying their used mobiles. Beyond the 6 months offered, at Backmarket count € 3.99 months to cover up to 18 months the only risk of failure.

Special rental. Finding a leasing mobile, like at Free, is difficult. It is possible at For a mobile less than € 600, count € 8.99 months to cover all risks.


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