How to effortlessly save money

OUR ADVICES – New applications offer simple and useful solutions.

“The idea is to set aside very small sums, but very often”, explains Nagib Beydoun, founder of Yeeld, a savings assistance application. 262088758/Tierney –

When it comes to savings, there is nothing better than small streams for making big rivers. The water still has to arrive. It is on this credo of savings assistance that several start-ups have launched over the past two years. With 18-35 year olds as the main target, they take the form of applications (available on smartphones) with enhanced communication on social networks.

It starts with building up precautionary savings. “For younger people, putting aside money is a painful act and interacting with a banker is stressful., notes Nagib Beydoun, founder of Yeeld. You have to be able to make saving painless. ” To achieve this, the application, connected to its bank account, multiplies the tools, always fun. The simplest is rounding: for each expenditure made by credit card, the sum is rounded up to the next euro and put aside in an account. With the rule “1,2,3… 52”, the user learns to live with 1 €

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