How to find the best consumer credit?

OUR ADVICE – In this particular period, beware of scams offering conditions that are too good to be true.

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If consumption has fallen sharply since confinement, many French people, who have suffered a drop in income, will turn to credit to meet their current expenses or an essential purchase. They will naturally be able to draw on the reserve of their revolving credit if they already have it, negotiate an overdraft with their bank or ask for a loan. It is also possible to search, on the internet in particular, for a personal loan under the most advantageous conditions possible, according to one’s financial capacities. By redoubling your attention during this period, so as not to succumb to scams offering conditions that are too good to be true.

1. At what rate to borrow with a consumer credit?

Consumer credit, which covers loans ranging from 200 to 75,000 euros, displays promotional rates of less than 1%. But, do not expect to benefit from a loan of less than 3000 euros or a repayment over more than twelve months. More

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