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How to fix errors in Apple and Google maps (and why you should do it)

An error in Google or Apple maps can cause many problems.
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I will always remember when the Apple Maps application took me to a Wal-Mart that did not exist. Instead, there was a field on one side and several buildings with lights off on the other. I confirmed in the application again. No, I was in the right place according to the blue dot. But there was nothing there.

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A few minutes later the problem was obvious, of course: there was an error in the information that the application had. It is not an uncommon problem in applications such as Maps and Google Maps, which are great when they are precise but desperate when they have errors. However, there are simple ways to correct errors in these applications that can make the world a better place.

Apple Maps

Apple allows you to take several actions to correct your maps from your iPhone or Mac. You can add information, correct incorrect information or upload details about your own business. When it comes to business, you can correct information even if you do not have a direct connection to the site.

To correct information from iOS: If you are using the Maps application on your iPhone, click on the button with the "i" in the upper right corner. This will open another menu where you will have to choose if you want Add a place or Report a problem.

The option of Add a place allows you to create a reference for a new business or a new street, among others. In these cases, you have to place the marker on the new site or on the street. If you are adding a new site to the map, Apple will ask you questions about the place, such as business hours and the sector in which it operates. Apple will also allow you to upload photos.

If you decide what you want Report a problem, you can edit information about existing places. This may include details such as a phone number or hours of operation. You can also indicate if a site has closed. When you correct something, this becomes a suggestion that must then be approved by the Apple team.

To correct information from your Mac: Maps in macOS works in the same way as in iOS. Therefore, all the methods mentioned above apply when you want to correct information from your computer.

Google Maps

Google also allows you to correct information on your maps through your computer and directly in the application. You can modify incorrect information related to the hours of operation or the address of a business, among other details.

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To correct information from the application: Open the Google Maps application and enter a site. Then, click on the site card to see all the details, such as its official website and its operating hours. Swipe until you see the option to Suggest a correction. This will take you to another menu where you can modify everything from the name and address to the category and the phone.

If you want to correct the name of a street or add a new one, among other things, you must find the site on the map and select it. A card with information about the location will appear. When you scroll down, you will see the option to Report a problem. This will allow you to indicate if the direction of the street on the map is incorrect, if the road is closed or if it is a private road.

To correct information from your computer: When you want to correct information related to a business, the process is similar to the one you follow when you open Google Maps in the application. You will see the option to Suggest a correction on the information card for a particular site. When you click, Google will ask you if you want to edit something or delete the site because it has closed, does not exist or is a duplicate of another business.

As we mentioned, Apple and Google teams will review all the suggestions they receive. This means that your correction will not appear immediately. Therefore, it is important to include additional evidence when making a correction, such as photos, comments or links.

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Nobody likes to go to a place only to realize they are in the wrong place. If you correct the errors, you are doing a public service for all those who use digital maps to move around the world. It is good karma. With luck, your actions will encourage others to do the same.

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