“How to get away with murder” and “Scandal” mixed for a cross-over episode


TELE SERIES – In the series, cross-over episodes (literally, gateway episodes) are a bit of a tradition. Different characters from different series meet during one or more episodes. The series of superheroes are queens in the field, including ” The Defenders “produced by Netflix or the cross-over episodes of ” Supergirl “,” The Flash “and” arrow ” on the CW .

But these are two of the flagship series of the American chain ABC who will be entitled to their special double episode: ” How to get away with murder “(HTGAWM) and” Scandal This is what their two leading actresses announced, Viola Davis , who plays the role of Annalize Keating in the premiere and Kerry Washington, who plays the character of Olivia Pope in the second.

On Instagram, the two actresses were displayed in the sets of the other series, calling out to each other: “Hey Miss Viola Davis, look at this, does it tell you something ?! Where are you?” Kerry Washington launches at Viola Davis, unveiling a photo of her behind the scenes of the “HTGAWM” courthouse.

Viola Davis then replied, from the “oval office”, often used in the series “Scandal”: “Hey Kerry Washington, guess where I am ?!”.

Finally, she is the scriptwriter of both series, Shonda Rhimes , who has lifted the veil on these photos by unveiling the script of the episode cross-over currently in production. The passage published on Twitter by the scriptwriter is probably that of the meeting between Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating.

People. It’s happening. @petenowalk , you ready for this? #TGITCrossover #HowtoGetAwaywithScandal pic.twitter.com/laROhxbeu8 – shonda rhimes (@shondarhimes) January 3, 2018

“Yes people, it’s going to be done.” Pete Nowalk (creator of the “HTGAWM” series) are you ready? ”

Kerry Washington has also shared a new picture of the reading table of the special episode of “HTGAWM” where it will appear.

According to information provided by the American channel ABC The cross-over will air on one of TGIT’s famous “Thursday God’s Thursday” evenings, a block of series written and produced by Shonda Rhimes (” Gray’s Anatomy “,” Scandal “and” HTGAWM “). Shonda Rhimes became the first screenwriter and producer to” own “an entire evening on an American network.

“Scandal” signs its seventh and final season this year. Composed of 18 episodes, it aired since October 5, 2017.

While waiting for this episode of exception, the current seasons of “HTGAWM” and “Scandal” resume this Thursday, January 18 on the ABC .

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