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I recently had the option to pay about 20 dollars more for a hotel room in New York City that had an amazing view. As the sun went down and the lights of the city began to shine, I savored every minute knowing that I had made an intelligent decision by paying only $ 20 for a million-dollar view.
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You can put me in a (clean) room the size of a shoe box, but if I can reach to see my beloved Chrysler building, the Eiffel Tower or the sea, I am willing to pay more. When it comes to hotel rooms, the definition of “best” is in each guest’s mind.
You can also make sure you get the best possible room to meet your needs when traveling, how?
Discover your preferences

Even when you know what you like, your idea of ​​the perfect room could change according to the purpose of your trip.
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If you work all the time, having a spacious desk area can be a priority. If you are on a romantic getaway, a jacuzzi and a private balcony could be on your list.

Write your preferences before starting the reservation process. Once you start making calls, write the names of all the people you talk to, especially if they promise you something specific.

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“For some guests, size matters, the bigger the room, the better.” Some people prefer to stay on top of a building, while others think that the best rooms are on the first or second floor for easy and quick access. “says Preston Muller of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Destin, Florida.
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Whether you’re staying in a high-rise boutique hotel in a city or a large beach hotel with more than 1,300 different rooms, researching your online options will clarify what you want. Then, says Muller, pick up the phone.
“Book directly at the hotel whenever possible” and “Be your own private investigator” are two of his tips. This veteran of Sandestin’s guest services department says that when he travels, he does an informal survey before reserving a room.
“I call the reservation team of the site, the reception and / or the concierge and ask for their opinion.”

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Be nice and clear
Once you arrive, be kind to the reception staff. But let them know immediately if something is not right.

“You should not just be satisfied, you should be happy,” says Trang Phan, former office manager of the defunct Affinia Dumont hotel in New York. “And remember, a little kindness always achieves a lot.”

Muller agrees, and notes that “the golden rule” is very useful in the hospitality industry. “Knowing what you want for your price range, plus kindness with the reception staff are your best resources” to get a first class room, he says.
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Ask specific questions
When you investigate the hotel you should include questions like “Has it been renovated?” and “What events are scheduled during my stay?”

If your goal is peace and tranquility, you probably do not want to stay in a flat full of wedding guests. Even if you feel you were clear when you booked the room, your search for the perfect room enters the next phase during check-in or registration.
“Explain the reason for your trip (the reception staff will get this information from you, but be nice and involved) and ask if they have flexibility or recommendations,” suggests Paul James of St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and The Luxury Collection.
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You never know what you could be losing by blindly accepting any key given to you without asking a single question.
“I know many hotels in Paris that have excellent views of the Eiffel Tower from fairly ordinary rooms. What would you prefer to see the next morning? A wall or a majestic view of the city’s emblem? “Says James.
Be proactive
In other words, if there is something included in the room rate, enjoy it! James warns that guests often overlook resources that would not cost them a penny more.

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“Whether it’s a butler service, a stellar concierge team or complimentary minibar items, hotels offer all of these services to make your stay easier and more enjoyable, and travelers are often afraid to use these services. they can make a difference, “says James.

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Ask for discounts
Personally, every time I face a hotel charge for Wi-Fi, I ask for a discount. You may not always get discounts or free stuff, but it does not hurt to ask.

A free drink may not seem like much, but if you’re a real traveler who spends more time in hotels than in your own home, those small items can make a big difference in your wallet.
Using the gym or pool, watching complimentary movies in the room or relaxing in the hotel’s Jacuzzi are examples of how to maximize that temporary environment.
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Participating in an activity that may not be available at home can help you establish a new mindset for your vacation or work schedule.
Additional services
Some hotels have programs that allow you to add amenities to your room according to your tastes or personal needs. For example, the “Forget it, We’ve got it” program from Kimpton Hotels offers guests everything they need, from steam irons for clothes to humidifiers.
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This collection of boutique hotels emphasizes wellness and, according to that concept, guests can also request yoga equipment to use during their stay for free.

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One warning: if you doubt if a service in the room is free or not, make a quick call to the reception. Once I was charged $ 16 for bath salts that I thought were part of the room package at a spa hotel.
Do you celebrate something? Communicate to the hotel
Is your stay for a wedding or birthday anniversary? As soon as possible, let the hotel know what you celebrate.

Even the night before is usually enough time to get some special treatment. “Call and talk to a manager, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion,” says Phan. Flowers, snacks or a complimentary bottle of wine could appear in your room.
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One of the Sandestin’s guests booked a surprise stay for her younger brother’s 21st birthday. Upon arrival, the keys to the room were printed “Happy Birthday” as a souvenir and a personalized birthday card was waiting for him in his room.

When you find your paradise, register it

If a room makes you very happy, the best way to ensure that you repeat it again is to write down the room number.
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Take out the phone and take a picture of the door or even the view from the window. In this way, you can make your reservation with that information the next time you call.

Even if the specific room in which you stayed in the past is occupied, they will have a reference on your preferences and can make a reservation that fits them.


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