How to get the free three-month subscription to Spotify Premium

Spotify has a goal set for the end of this year which is to reach 200 million paying subscribers from service. Last month, the company noted that growth in the third quarter of 2022 had been seven million new paying users, which placed the overall figure at 195. 42% of the total number of users of the service streaming which reaches 456 million, which leaves the number of those who use the free version at 273 million. And in order to reach the expected figure, Spotify has launched a promotion this Tuesday that will especially interest those in the last group: three months of Spotify Premium for zero euros.

The advantages of Spotify Premium over Spotify Free are relative if used on a computer, either through the app or accessing with a browser, but huge on the app mobile. While on the computer you maintain control over what you listen to with the only toll of ads, the mobile version limits it and trust the user experience to random listening mode.