How to have a personalized wallpaper for calls?

Whatsapp presents one of the functions which allows you to change the wallpaper of the calls you make.

Whatsapp: How to have a personalized wallpaper for calls? | Fuente: Unsplash

WhatsApp has many functions, which allow users to make various changes, and customize the chats according to the taste of each one. In this way, the application continues to be one of the most used worldwide, and seeks to position itself more throughout its updates.

It recently implemented reactions in chat messages, which is very similar to what could already be done in Facebook Messenger. However, this is not the only novelty, since now it will allow you to customize the background of a call.

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Whatsapp allows you to change background to calls

Initially, when a user made a call through Whatsapp, the wallpaper only showed the default one, and its variation depended on the mode it was in, whether it was dark or light.

However, according to WABeta Info, users will be able to customize the wallpapers of each call they have on WhatsApp, thus allowing them to be differentiated among their contacts, and making it easier for people to make WhatsApp a more suitable space for their needs. .

Whatsapp: How to change the background of the calls?

WABeta Info revealed that, in order to change the wallpaper, and make it look different when calling you or calling a number, you only need to change the chat wallpaper. To make this change you must:

  • Login to Whatsapp.
  • Go to the chat you want to change the call background.
  • Press the name of the contact and in the options choose: “Wallpaper”, and you must select the one you like the most.
  • Save the changes and voila, you will have the custom chat and call wallpaper, depending on each contact to which you apply the change.