How to have a virtual avatar on Instagram


So you can create a 3D avatar on Instagram to share it in your stories.

For a few years, Facebook allows you to create a virtual avatar to use in the application. This kind of Facebook emojis are created in your image and you can customize them with many options. They really do look a lot like the Memojis that Apple released a few years ago. And now these same Facebook avatars can be set on Instagram.

Meta has expanded its avatars and you can now use them on Instagram. For now, you can use these avatars in your stories in the form of stickersalthough in the future they could have more applications.

Create your own 3D avatar on Instagram

Create your virtual avatar on Instagram

These avatars can be really similar to you, since you have many options and accessories available for editing. Facebook has been adding improvements and we have many skin tones, eyes, face shapes, clothes, earrings and many other accessories to create an Avatar identical to us.

this is how you can create your own instagram avataror import it from Facebook in case you have already created it:

  1. Click on the icon of your profile at the bottom right.
  2. Touch up on the 3 stripes.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to the Account section.
  5. Now tap on Avatar.
  6. If you had already created it on Facebook, you can use the same.
  7. Select a template to customize or create an Avatar from scratch.
  8. First you must choose your skin tone, then the hairstyle and other options to create an Avatar similar to you, you can even activate the camera to see if you look like you.
  9. You can always come back to this tab to edit your personal Avatar if you want to make changes.
Instagram avatars

This is how you can create your own avatar on Instagram

How to use Avatars on Instagram

At the moment, these Instagram Avatars can used in the form of stickers in the stories we upload to Instagram, in a similar way to how we add other types of stickers or GIFs in the application. We have different stickers created with different postures by default, although there are a few options to express different emotions.

To use these Instagram avatars, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Instagram story.
  2. Tap on the stickers button above.
  3. Now click on Avatar.
  4. Choose the sticker with your avatar that you like the most to insert it.
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It’s that simple create your own Instagram avatar and use it within the application. Hopefully soon they can be used for more than just sharing stickers in stories.

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