How to have Internet in Turkey while traveling

When we are traveling it is increasingly important to have an Internet connection. Consult transport schedules, information about places, search for restaurants, take hotel and flight reservations or simply stay in touch with family and friends. In this article I tell you how to have internet in turkey travel.

How to have Internet in Turkey. Is there roaming in Turkey?

If we go to travel to turkeyone of the questions we will ask ourselves is Is there roaming in Turkey?

The short answer is no. no roaming in turkey. Let me explain: of course you can connect to Turkish mobile networks with your Spanish SIM, but you will receive huge charges on your bill. This is because Turkey does not belong to the European Union and is outside of the free roaming agreements that exist between the states of the union.

Vodafone has free roaming in Turkey

But there is an exception. The company Vodafone is the only one includes Turkey within its roaming Zone 1, at the same level as the rest of the EU and, among other countries, the US or Switzerland. Therefore, if you have a contract or prepaid card with Vodafone you can use your SIM in Turkey and have Internet without additional charges.

📶 You can check this information on Vodafone’s roaming information website in case they make changes in the future.

Certain limits apply responsible use of roaming abroad. This means that if you have a Vodafone rate of, for example, 20GB of data, you will not be able to use those full 20GB in roaming, but rather a part of it. It is best to call the company to find out the details before traveling to Turkey.

In case we do not have a Vodafone SIM, you will have to buy one Local SIM in Turkey or opt for other options such as a eSIM de HolaFly. Below I tell you more in detail.

Istiklal Street in Istanbul
İstiklal Caddesi, one of the most commercial streets in Istanbul, near Taksim Square.

Buy a local SIM card in Turkey

A simple and economical option for have internet in turkey es buy a local SIM from a Turkish operator. There are several places where we can do this.

📱 in Turkey hay three operators mobile phone main:

  • Turkcell
  • Vodafone
  • Turk Telekom

The first two have better coverage. In my case I bought a Turk Telekom SIM and it worked reasonably well for me.

Buy local SIM at Istanbul airport

The three operators that I mention above have shops at istanbul airport. However, if you’re not in a hurry, I recommend you wait until you get to the city, since prices at the airport are usually higher. In my experience, although in my case I arrived at Bodrum airport, the prices there were much higher than in the cities.

In the cities you will see phone shops everywhere. Of course, it is advisable to go to the official stores of Turkcell, Vodafone o Turk Telekom. There are many other generic stores that sell SIM cards but may have their own prices, higher than the “official” ones.

The process for buy a local SIM in Turkey It’s simple, they will simply show you the available packages (calls and data or only mobile data) and their price. Once you have decided, you will have to provide your passport to be associated with the SIM card.

Once you have put the SIM in your mobile phone, I recommend you wait in the store itself for you to see that the connection works correctly. So in case of any problem they can solve it for you at the moment.

Buy eSIM card online for Turkey

Another quite comfortable option to have Internet in Turkey, with less complications than buying a local SIM in the country, is buy an eSIM online for Turkey before the trip. For this, our mobile must be compatible with eSIM cards.

Although the price is somewhat higher, the process is super simple since we don’t have to receive anything physical, that’s all digitalyou just need configure the eSIM the virtual SIM in you mobile phone.

To configure it, they send you some simple instructions at the time of contracting it, so it is immediate. You can even do it once you are in Turkey, although it is always better to have it looked at in advance in case there are any problems.

Can see more detailsver prices y to hire this SIM on the HolaFly website – data eSIM for Turkey.

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