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Although a good password limits the risks, Wi-Fi networks remain vulnerable. So, for maximum security, here’s how to hide it from outside view.

Wi-Fi is part of our daily life. Although we don’t really think about it anymore, being able to connect your devices in one click is a luxury. However, it is also because this technology is wireless that it is vulnerable. Indeed, any device that is in the signal emission area can attempt to connect to your network. This poses obvious security and privacy issues.

If a solid and regularly renewed password offers some guarantees, it is also possible to hide the name of your wireless network. Simply. By default, all routers broadcast the Service Set Identifier (SSID). To modify this parameter, it is necessary to access the control panel of the router. To access it, you will need your IP address. The easiest way to recover it is to click on the Wi-Fi icon on your computer and access its properties.

Then scroll down the window that opens until you find the value that appears next to “IPv4 DNS Server”. Once you have the IP address, copy it to your browser and press “Enter”. You should arrive at your router’s login page. Connect with your network identifiers and you arrive on the dashboard. Note that the interface may vary depending on the operator.

Once on the correct page, look for a tab that says “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings.” After opening the tab, you should see an option that looks like “Allow SSID broadcast”. Disable there and you’re done. Your network is now hidden.

And then ?

Hiding your network name is a security measure, but it’s not a silver bullet. On the one hand, it is important to understand that your network is invisible. It does not disappear. In other words, if a malicious person has the information of the router, it will not stop him. Especially since the camouflage is not perfect. Internet boxes emit a beacon which serves as an identity card and which notably includes the SSID. For a person with the right technical skills, this only delays it.

Moreover, hiding the name of your wireless network has a major drawback. Sure, the network is undetectable, but that also includes the network owner’s devices. From the PC to the smartphone, via connected TV, all devices lose sight of the network. To enter it, you have to manually enter all the details. Including network name, security type, password, etc. Of course, it is always possible, and even very strongly recommended, to note all this beforehand. Nevertheless, the procedure remains tedious for those who collect connected objects. So choose this solution only if you have no other choice. If you suspect an intruder is using your Wi-Fi, there are other ways to get rid of them.

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