How to identify fraudulent loan pages? The cyber police explain it – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

After receiving 447 reports of internet fraud from January to date, the Cyber ​​Police of the Municipal Public Security Directorate issues useful recommendations that will help avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals through fraudulent money loan applications.

They reported that they have implemented in the Chihuahua Capital Shield Platform, intelligence actions that are carried out in this police group, with this they have discovered dozens of applications that are not registered with the CONDUSEF or PROFECO, which indicates that they are possibly of illicit origin.

The aforementioned reports are made mainly by telephone or through social networks, helping those affected to know what to do if they have not yet been victims of any fraud or if they already were.

The agency explained that they generally offer very accessible personal loans, with few paperwork and that when downloaded they ask to accept terms and conditions of use, such as access to calls, contacts, photo gallery, SMS messages, among others, in order to steal the data and use it to commit further extortion.

They remembered that if you are not sure if it is a fraudulent page, it is better to go personally to the bank or financial branch offices and with this avoid falling into the networks of these virtual criminals.

They also recommend applying for loans or credits in a physically established company; always check that they are registered in SIPRES; considers that a finance company will never request a deposit before the credit application.

Remember to look for references in groups or contacts of said finance company and if you are looking for a finance company through Facebook, you must have verification on the page that you can see because it has a blue dotted circle.

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Also, if you need support from the Municipal Cyber ​​Police, you can call 614-442-73-00 extension 3214 or through the social networks Facebook and Twitter as @ciberpoliciaCUU.

On the other hand, the Cyber ​​Police made available a list of pages of irregular loans that they have detected, among which are: GMG Business; Dr Loan; Money; CashBox; E. Loans; ExpressLoad; Fus Money; Express Loans; Ready Cash; Daddy Credit; flash weight; Government Loans; Send money; Gryphus Credit; Cashbank; Mango Credit; LemonCash; World Bank; Wool Plus; Magic Credit and Coco Weight.

On the other hand you should also be careful with Rapilends; My Portfolio; QuickLoan; Avocado Loans; My Loan; CrediFacil; Ok Loans; My weight; EasyCredit; paay; X-weight; Cellular Loans; Crediti; PP Credit; More effective; Yumi Cash; Super Loan; Trust; Exclusive; felling; Crediya; Momo Credit; Taoqianle; Little app; CashPlus; Thunder Cash; Fastcash and Credit Elephant.