How to invest in pesos and obtain an estimated return of 30% in dollars

These days, take a investment decision is a problem in the Argentina. In a context of economic recession with a dollar that seems to have no ceiling, the saver dismisses any alternative in pesos because it could involve a substantial loss.

That is why the dollar and the assets tied to this currency become the favorites when sheltering your savings. And real estate developments have proven to be the best alternative to protect the investor from devaluation and generate attractive returns over time. The evidence is that in the last 15 years the average revaluation of the value of m2 was higher than 11% per year in dollars.

Among the different options, there is a privileged vehicle to make this investment feasible, which in addition to dollarizing pesos, also allows investing them in assets valued in dollars such as real estate developments and obtaining attractive returns prioritizing safety and safeguarding capital.

More than 80,000 registered investors, Crowdium, the first Real Estate Crowdfunding platform in Argentina, allows anyone to invest from 50,000 pesos or its equivalent in dollars in the best properties and obtain Estimated returns greater than 10% per year in dollars.

Residence in the West area

Copa Condominium offers a mix between urbanity and open air and already takes 92% funded, therefore these are the last days to be able to invest in this draft. A complex of apartments nearing completion in the most exclusive residential neighborhood of Moreno, just 100 meters from the West Access.

The proposal consists of acquiring units close to being released with a 30% off with respect to the market price and that will be rented generating an income for the investor for a period of 30 months, at which time they will be sold with a substantial increase in price adding a total estimated return of 30 to 40% in dollars.

How to access?

Investors can register for free on the Crowdium platform or call investment advisers and create their account at no cost.

Contributions are made by bank transfer directly to the trust account, managed by a public and independent trustee.

Once the funding process is completed, investors will receive a document signed by the trustee indicating the percentage of participation they own.

To contact the company and obtain more information, you can go to



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