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how to lose weight if you are over 40

Why does a person grow stout with age? Scientists estimate that every 10 years a person recovers by 69 kilograms, that is, about 10%.

Excess weight leads to the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, joint pain. Not to mention the additional load on the legs and spine. Also, studies show that obese people live on average 5-10 years less than those whose weight is within the normal range.

What is the reason for the age gain weight and can this be avoided?

The answer lies on the surface – it has long been established that a person spends less energy with age. Same 10% in 10 years. This happens because of a decrease in muscle tone and a reduction in muscle activity. Therefore, eating out of habit the same amount of food, without increasing physical activity, a person ensures weight gain.

Reasons for reducing energy costs:

• Metabolism is directly dependent on the emotional state. An increase in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system directly depends on a good mood and a feeling of emotional elevation.

The breakdown of fats and increase muscle tone contributes to the presence in the blood adrenaline and noradrenaline. And all this can be obtained by experiencing new and positive emotions. Therefore, if there is dissatisfaction with oneself and life, the level of adrenaline and the level of tone decrease, which means that the body spends less energy from fat.

• Decreased physical activity. With age, we are less likely to leave the house, it becomes too lazy to even go on an evening walk, not to mention going to the skating rink or long journeys.

Overeating is the main reason for weight gain in general and in particular after 40. Age encourages weight gain. It is explained by instincts. Nature is laid down like this: movement is starvation and the search for food, but stopping means that food is found and you can eat it.

Accordingly, being at rest, we receive a signal that food is somewhere nearby – in the refrigerator. You probably noticed that on weekends it is eaten more than on weekdays.

Another reason is hormonal imbalance, which can be detected by clinical analyzes. It is worth paying attention to this and in case of failure to resolve the issue with medication, otherwise the weight gain will not be stopped.

Decrease in efficiency of unloading diets

With age, it is much more difficult to lose weight and easier to recover. Why? To spend fat reserves, you need good muscle tone and appropriate physical activity. With age, as already mentioned, these components are reduced, and energy extraction from body fat is reduced.

The obvious fact – before you go on a diet, it was possible to lose weight much easier and faster. With age on the same diet, the body is in no hurry to expend fat and reduces energy intake.

Instead of losing weight, a heightened feeling of hunger and apathy appears. And the harder the diet, the greater the likelihood of such a scenario.

Every breakdown of the diet aggravates the situation! With each malnutrition and subsequent breakdown-overeating, you train your body for even greater energy savings – even greater reserves of fat. The opposite effect is obtained – with each diet the weight goes more and more difficult and more / more easily arrives at its completion.

Accordingly, a lifestyle diet — breaking off from it — overeating leads to a faster weight gain than if one does not take to diets at all.


Due to the fact that the body's ability to break down fat and its energy consumption decrease with age, a number of measures can be taken. With the proviso that these changes must be observed for a long time!

This path is the most logical, but at the same time the most difficult to execute. Try not to do it sharply. Reduce calories gradually, reducing their number by about 10%. The task is complicated by the fact that it’s difficult to count calories even for a dietitian professional.

Having a table of calories, counting them in an egg, banana or cottage cheese pack is not difficult. It is much more difficult to calculate them in a bowl of soup or a chop. Here, marketers earn their money by selling ready-made slimming kits (for example, the Malysheva method). You do not need to cook, and all calories are calculated. And these diets have a minus.

If you have a fish scheduled for Wednesday, it’s not a fact that you want it at that moment. Since the human body is spontaneous in the choice of food. Even these diets exclude snacks so typical of us. All these restrictions significantly reduce the joy of life.

There is an exit! Enough to follow the following rules.

1. Reduce fat content. Discard a large amount of butter, mayonnaise, etc. It has been proven that this will significantly reduce the daily caloric content.

2. Limit your consumption of sugar.

3. Make food frequent. Small portions every 3-4 hours satisfy hunger with less calories.

4. Strive to eat slowly, without being distracted, for example, on TV. This will help you enjoy your meal, get enough of it in smaller quantities.

5. Reduce your appetite. 15 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water or a special cocktail. Low-fat milk + a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese – whisk in a glass. Appetite will decrease due to the vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in this cocktail.

6. Do not gorge on the night. And you get a full sleep, good mood. A good dream, in turn, supports the tone and reduces appetite.

Physical exercise

– they should be of medium intensity. That is, after performing there should be no shortness of breath. Health walking is quite suitable for 30-50 minutes. Daily or every other day;

– cold and hot shower;

– full sleep.


– Optimal weight loss – 2 kg per month. This weight is easier to stabilize.

– If you feel a deterioration of mood, an increase in hunger, apathy, you have chosen too strict a diet. Must stop! In weight loss after 40 avoid violence. It is better to move slowly but surely.

– Try not to give up the rules of nutrition that you started to keep the weight.

In conclusion, we repeat that maintaining and reducing weight after 40 is a feasible task. Doing that you get good appearance, health and longevity.

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