How to maintain your car battery depending on whether it is diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric

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Updated:05/04/2020 01: 00h


After more than a month since the state of alarm was decreed, the consequent mobility restrictions also begin to take its toll on vehicles that have been stopped for several weeks. For this reason, ALD Automotive, a leading multinational in renting and fleet management, has analyzed the behavior of automobiles depending on the type of motor and has developed a series of basic tips for all drivers with the aim of keep the batteries ready during the period of confinement.

Diesel, Petrol or Mild Hybrid

Vehicles powered by this type of engine have energy management systems that conserve the battery. more than a month without complicationsAlthough there are cases in which the vehicle tends to have energy consumption, either due to electrical problems or external agents derived from additional installations not approved by the manufacturer, which can reduce the battery life time.

It is very important that the battery is not disconnected, as they could decode the different electronic systems. Therefore, to keep the battery of these vehicles in good condition, it is necessary:

Start the vehicle every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the battery in optimal condition. With today’s power management systems, to reach the optimum degree of battery charge and to sufficiently stimulate the component that performs this task, it is necessary to keep the vehicle started until the temperature oscillates between 40 and 60 degrees. Once the indicated temperature has been reached, the vehicle must be kept running for approximately 15 minutes, without accelerating, performing the operation at idle.


These vehicles have two systems, one high-voltage and one low-voltage, so the way to maintain or recover the systems is very different from that of a system with energy management in a diesel, gasoline or mild hybrid engine. In vehicles equipped with these systems it is important to:

Activate the vehicle without actually starting it. In this way it is achieved that, if the 12v (low voltage) battery has a low charge, the high voltage battery automatically delivers enough charge to the 12v low voltage battery, thus managing to charge the 12v low voltage battery. To be done effectively, the vehicle must remain in this active state for 10 to 15 minutes.

In the event that the discharged battery is the high voltage battery, the vehicle will automatically start to recover the battery. In this case the vehicle must be kept running until the correct load level is reached.

Pluggable or Electric Hybrids

These are vehicles with a very unique load management system, so the ideal is keep the vehicle plugged in constantly; in this way, the vehicle itself will automatically control the charge level of the batteries.



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