How to navigate the Teatro Colón from the metaverse?

Anyone with an Internet connection will be able to access this experience. To do so, you must enter the Decentraland website ( and customize the character you will use to move in the virtual world. The platform also offers the possibility of browsing with a random character, selecting the “Randomize” option.

To register, the user will be able to participate in the experience by selecting the “Play as guest” option or enter by linking their virtual wallet, through the “Play using your wallet” option. wallet”). This access option also offers users the possibility of buying the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that the Decentraland metaverse has available in its digital art galleries.

Beginning March 28, people will be able to find the Teatro Colón within the Decentraland metaverse by entering the map, which is in the upper left corner, and locating the Museum District, which is located to the right of the North Plaza. .