How to obtain the benefit for two years with your Ruth »DUPLOS

He Protection Bonus or commonly known as the Homeowner Bonus, is a monetary contribution that the State women who are householders or heads of household for a period of 2 years that they participate in Chile Segurities and Opportunities Program (SSyOO).

To obtain this benefit, you must belong to one of the SSyOO programs (Family, Abriendo Caminos, Vínculos y Calle) and do not apply. However, it is essential to have the Household Social Registry up to date.

What are the requirements to access the 2020 House Owner Bonus?

According to current regulations, the only requirement is have accepted the invitation to participate in one of the SSyOO programs (Families, Abriendo Caminos, Calle o Vínculos) through the signature of the Letter of engagement and from Intervention Plan.

Once signed, they directly trigger the management and subsequent payment of the Home Owner Bonus, which begins at a date close to the first psychosocial support sessions (APS).

How do I check if I have the Voucher?

On the online IPS site you can access information regarding all the bonuses and benefits that the State has, including the Protection Bonus. To do this, you just have to enter with your Rut and verify if you appear as a beneficiary.

Where can I collect the 2020 Home Owner Bonus?

The family or person participating in SSyOO who chooses the modality in which they will receive and collect the Protection Bonus 2020, which can be:

  • Electronic deposit in the bank account of the family collector, or in the RUT Account opened by the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Payment in person at the Los Héroes Compensation Fund and at BancoEstado branches corresponding to the user’s address.

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