How to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes Online, Without Having to Go to Samsat All

JAKARTA, – Today the use of technology for public services is increasingly widespread and integrated. So, there is no need to bother with face-to-face dealing with things such as motor vehicle taxes.

Through the digital vehicle tax service application, the National Digital Samsat (Signal), which was developed by the Korlantas Polri, owners no longer need to bother in managing their obligations.

In addition, reducing activities directly can suppress the potential for the spread of the corona virus, aka Covid-19, which has re-emerged in the country in recent times.

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The Signal application itself, has a variety of services that can make it easier for the public to take care of vehicle taxes, namely paying annual vehicle taxes and ratification of annual STNKs.

You can get this service through the Signal application that has been installed on a cellphone with an Android or iOS operating system. You can download the app for free in the app store on each phone.

Before using the digital vehicle tax service, you must first create an account with Signal. Check out the explanation on how to register a Signal account below:

– Download the Signal app on your phone
– Open the Signal app
– Click the profuk photo icon to start the list
– Enter some personal identity data such as NIK KTP, full name according to KTP, active e-mail address, and active mobile number
– Next, create a password for the Signal account, then enter it again to confirm
– After that, you will be asked to verify your ID card and face Illustration of how to pay motorized vehicle tax via SIGNAL Polri

– Enter a photo ID card
– Take a selfie to perform biometric face verification? Then, the Signal app will send a message containing an OTP code to the mobile number
– Enter the OTP code
– Then, re-verify your Signal account by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail

Once you have a Signal account, you also need to register your vehicle. How to register a vehicle on Signal is as follows:

– Open the Signal application, at the beginning of the application page, select the “Add Motor Vehicle” menu
– Select the type of vehicle ownership, then enter the NRKB (Motorized Vehicle Registration Number)
– Enter the last five digits of the chassis number of your vehicle
– If the type of vehicle is not privately owned but the owner is still in one Family Card, you can also register it at Signal by entering your NIK KTP and photo ID in the column provided on this menu.

When it is finished, then the owner can enjoy online vehicle tax services. But it should be noted, how to pay the annual motorcycle or car tax requires STNK ratification first.

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STANLY RAVEL The atmosphere of the East Jakarta Samsat after the abolition of vehicle tax fines until August 31 2018, (29/6/2018)

You can access the STNK endorsement via the options that appear on the start page of the application. After that, enter the NRKB that you registered earlier.

Then, information on the nominal vehicle tax from the NRKB will appear that must be paid. After that, you can also choose TBPKP (Proof of Payment Obligation) to be sent physically to your home address via Pos Indonesia or only in the form of digital TBPKP (e-TBPKP) in the Signal application.

Then, you can pay motor vehicle taxes through several bank options available in the application, such as BNI, Mandiri, BRI, BTN banks, and several regional government-owned banks, such as DKI, BJB, or JATIM banks.

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