This Tuesday 23 February, the EuroMillions draw involves a historic jackpot of 210 million euros. This amount will be divided among the winner (s) who have the correct combination of numbers and stars. If you also dream of leaving with this sum, here’s how to play EuroMillions.

Play Euromillions

With 210 million euros at stake, EuroMillions reached a new record. The previous record is still held by a Frenchman who in December 2020 left with a gain of 200 million euros. If you want to make the history of the lottery, you will have to play this EuroMillion draw to perhaps come away with a historic and quite phenomenal gain.

Guide: how to play this EuroMillions?

There are several ways to play EuroMillions on this Tuesday night. In any case, it will be necessary to complete a game grid to win the 210 million euros. One of the easiest ways is to open an online account on FDJ and then validate your stake. In a few minutes, you can then participate in this FDJ lottery. It will have to be done before 8:15 p.m..

Play Euromillions

In order to play the EuroMillion draw on Tuesday 23 February, you must create your account on the FDJ site (or on its mobile application). You can do this from a smartphone, computer or tablet. You must then fund your account by credit card or PayPal. You can credit it with a wire transfer, but it will take time.

To play the EuroMillions draw, you must confirm (at least) one grid. This must include at least 5 numbers and 2 stars and the amount is 2.50 euros minimum. You also have the possibility to boost your chances by adding more numbers / stars for a small additional cost. You can read the final cost on the FDJ website.

If you play EuroMillions, you will also be automatically entered into the My Million draw. Once your EuroMillions grid is validated, a code is sent to you. It is the latter which is considered as your participation in this side game: you have no additional action to perform. The My Million game guarantees a millionaire in France for each draw, it also offers you the possibility of touching a nice sum.

A mega jackpot with 210 million euros

The results of the EuroMillion draw are revealed on Tuesday evening. The My Million winners are published first from 8:50 p.m. after which the EuroMillions winner (s) will be known around 9:15 p.m. If you have the FDJ application (or via the site), you will be the first informed of the official result. It will also tell you how much you won.

As for the times, you can play EuroMillions until 8:15 pm tonight. You must participate via the site or the application if you play after 6:00 p.m.: tobacconists in the FDJ network must close shop at that time due to the national curfew.

The EuroMillions draw involves the super jackpot of 210 million euros. This is the record amount ever involved in this European lottery. To win, you have to find the right combination of numbers and stars. If you can’t find the latter, you can still come away with a nice gain. If you already have 2 correct numbers, you can come away with a win.

Play Euromillions

Today’s EuroMillions draw is truly exceptional and unique. In the event that no one leaves with this sum with the winning combination, it will be put back into play at the end of the week with an additional bonus. If so, the payoff will be even more attractive than today. The craze is at its height on Tuesday, the pot could well fall.

Frequently asked questions about this EuroMillion

If you still have questions about the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 23 February, we have tried to answer the main questions to help you before participating. These will allow you to see more clearly on the hours of play, the results, the stakes and the My Million game. To learn more about the super jackpot of 210 million euros, you can also go to the FDJ website where everything is detailed.

1) What is the amount to be won for this Tuesday, February 23?

This Tuesday February 23, the EuroMillions draw offers players the opportunity to win the sum of 210 million euros. To participate, you just need to be a major European citizen, aged 18 or over. This is a record for a EuroMillion draw. The previous record dates back to last December when a French player won 200 million euros.

2) When are the results announced?

The results of the My Million game are first revealed after 8:50 p.m. Then, the results of the EuroMillions draw are announced just after around 9:15 p.m. You can follow all of the announcements live on the internet via the FDJ website or the app (in case you have an account). They are also broadcast on the TF1 TV channel.

3) Until what time to play the EuroMillions draw?

To play this EuroMillions and My Million draw on Tuesday 23 February, you must confirm your game grid before 8:15 p.m. Beyond that, it will be too late. On the other hand, you have until that time by playing on the official site or the FDJ application. It should also be remembered that licensed tobacconists must close before 6 p.m. due to the health crisis.

4) How do I participate in the My Million game?

In case you are playing EuroMillions, you are participating in the My Million Random Draw live. When your game grid is confirmed, you will receive a code that serves as participation in this My Million side game. The latter guarantees a millionaire in all draws, it is still true this Tuesday, February 23.

Gambling involves risks: debt, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09-74-75-13-13 (non-premium rate call).

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