How to prepare an ecommerce for Black Friday

This Friday is Black Friday. For this reason, ecommerces are these days at the foot of the canyon preparing everything so that nothing fails. Stocks, logistics and marketing are three of the pillars of this date in which most of the population looks for the best Black Friday deals.

Next, we address how ecommerces are preparing to have everything ready for this Friday of great discounts.

They plan the benefits

To calculate discounts, ecommerce companies first plan what the benefits might be. In this way, they can adjust promotions without losing earnings. On the contrary, thanks to the Black Friday discounts they manage to increase their profits considerably. In addition, thanks to Black Friday they can kick off the Christmas campaign this year.

They have an optimized page

In order for Black Friday to be a success, ecommerces must first ensure that their website and shopping platform are fully optimized, otherwise customers will leave it before completing the purchase process. Therefore, ecommerces must guarantee the usability of their website and its adaptability to any device, especially mobile phones.

They improve their positioning

In addition to optimizing it, ecommerces must ensure that their website has a good position in online search engines. To do this, they must work SEO and if they wish also SEM. In this way, your potential customers will reach your websites earlier than those of your customers. If, on the other hand, your website is located very low in the search engine results, very few customers will get to know it and see your products.

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Increase your server resources

To be able to cope with the high volume of traffic and online sales, many ecommerces choose to increase their server resources during Black Friday and the Christmas campaign. If an ecommerce does not manage to respond to all visits and purchases because of your server, your brand and the business may end up suffering.


Black Friday is also a good opportunity to retain old and new customers. For this reason, many ecommerce companies try to have a special detail with their customers during this date, which often translates into a special or personalized discount. Thanks to these actions, many ecommerces manage to expand their customer bases in the long term. In Druni you can find a wide variety of discounts this Friday.

They identify their audience

In order to develop their marketing and loyalty campaigns properly, ecommerces must first identify their audience. To do this, they must segment their target audience and decide what are the actions that will direct the different segments that comprise it. The ecommerces that are still starting, can investigate what is the audience of other companies of the competition to be able to get a clear idea of ​​who they are targeting.


Successful marketing campaigns are built on good communication. Therefore, after identifying their audience, ecommerce must establish what their communication lines will be to achieve their objectives. In this sense, a good communication strategy to spread our offers on Black Friday is to generate a tone of urgency that encourages sales.

They build trust

However, although our messages can convey a sense of urgency, it is important to build trust among customers. Therefore, ecommerce must ensure that all steps of the purchase process are taken care of and meet customer expectations. In addition, as a brand, it is important that emotions of proximity and well valued socially are generated.

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They use social networks

Currently, one of the most successful ways to implement marketing campaigns is social media. Thus, although this aspect varies depending on the age of our audience, networks are today one of the best channels to reach our target audience and gain visibility. In this way, through social networks, many ecommerces are able to boost their sales during Black Friday.

They do email marketing

In order to increase sales during Black Friday, many ecommerces also make use of one of the most effective advertising strategies: email marketing. Through this means, they manage to get their customers the best promotions of their brands, which is why they tend to increase their sales thanks to this action. During this date, everyone hopes to find the best offers, so if you send them directly to your customers, they will greatly appreciate it.

They check the supply chain

Lately, some sectors have had difficulties to be able to guarantee their stock. Therefore, most ecommerces have done a great job during the weeks before Black Friday to be able to ensure that their warehouses were full of products ready to be shipped.